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GTA-V Extracted Data Dumps

This is a collection of various GTA V data dumps mostly useful for modding & scripting. All of these are auto generated and some are enhanced with data from my GTA V researches.

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All data up2date as of GTA V update: v2628 (Online 1.60) [DLC: mpg9ec]

Please create an issue if you have any problems with the data, so I can improve my generator. You are also welcome to create issues for dumps you would like to see.

Data dumps overview

  • IPLs (ipls.json) 1184 ipls in total (Usable with IPL natives)
  • Speech Voices (speeches.json) 1083 speech voices with 150055 speeches in total (Usable with PLAY AMBIENT SPEECH natives)
  • Particle Effects (particleEffectsCompact.json) 314 particle effect dictionaries & 2517 particle effects in total (Usable with START PARTICLE FX natives)
  • Ped Scenario names (scenariosCompact.json) 245 scenarios in total (Usable with SCENARIO related natives)
  • Ped Scenario group names (scenarioGroupNames.json) 235 scenario groups in total (Usable with SCENARIO_GROUP natives)
  • Animations (animDictsCompact.json) 18294 animation dictionaries & 223285 animations in total (Usable with TASK PLAY ANIM native)
  • Movement Clipsets (movementClipsetsCompact.json) 557 movement clipsets in total (Usable with SET PED MOVEMENT CLIPSET native)
  • Walking Movement Clipsets (movementClipsetsWalkingCompact.json) 207 movement clipsets in total (Usable with SET PED MOVEMENT CLIPSET native)
  • (Vehicle Navigation) Nodes (, contains JSON) 259 node cells with 67454 nodes in total (Mostly useful for vehicle navigation, see navigation meshes dump for ped navigation data)
  • (Offroad & Ped) Navigation Meshes ( MSGPACK download, see for more info) 4810 navmeshes with 7121736 polygons in total (See for the messagepack model)
  • Ped Overlay Collections (Tattoos) (pedOverlayCollections.json) 33 ped overlay collections with 3043 overlays in total (Usable tattos/badges with ped decoration native)
  • Timecycle Modifiers (timecycleModifiers.json) 2895 timecycle modifiers in total (Usable with TIMECYCLE MODIFIER natives)
  • Explosion Types names (explosionTypesCompact.json) 79 explosion types in total (Usable with ADD EXPLOSION native)
  • Cam Shake Types names (camShakeTypesCompact.json) 21 cam shake types in total (Usable with SHAKE CAM & SHAKE GAMEPLAY cam natives)
  • Audio / Sound names & ref names (soundNames.json) 2100 audio names from a total of 62 unique audio refs (Usable with PLAY_SOUND natives)
  • Pickup Types names (pickupTypes.json) 160 pickup types in total (Usable with CREATE PICKUP natives)
  • Vehicle Mod Kits & Mods (vehicleModKits.json) 462 vehicle mod kits with 22871 mods in total (Usable with SET_VEHICLE_MOD_KIT,SET_VEHICLE_LIVERY & SET_VEHICLE_MOD natives)
  • Vehicles (vehicles.json) 763 vehicle infos in total (Usable with VEHICLE natives)
  • AnimpostFX names (animPostFxNamesCompact.json) 155 animpostfx names in total (Usable with ANIMPOSTFX natives)
  • REMOVED Ped Component Variations (pedComponentVariations.json) 28044 component variations & 4523 ped props from a total of 82 ped component variation collections (Usable with COMPONENT VARIATION & PED PROP natives)
  • Ped Apparel Restriction tag names (animPostFxNamesCompact.json) 438 ped apparel restriction tags in total (Usable with PED RESTRICTION natives)
  • Waypoint recording names (waypointRecordings.json) 807 waypoint recording infos in total (Usable with WAYPOINT RECORDING natives)
  • Garages (garages.json) 32 garage infos in total (Usable with GARAGE natives)
  • Vehicle Handlings (vehicleHandlings.json) 684 vehicle handling infos in total (Shared for all existing vehicles, see handling id in vehicles dump)
  • Zones (zones.json) 97 zone infos in total (Usable with some ZONE natives, contains all bounds coords for the zones)
  • Static Emitters (staticEmitters.json) 846 static emitter infos in total (Usable with STATIC_EMITTER natives)
  • Ambient Zones (ambientZones.json) 1339 ambient zone infos in total (Usable with AMBIENT_ZONE natives)
  • MLO / Interiors (mloInteriors.json) 351 MLO interiors at 799 locations in total (Useful for modding, also contains in game locations of interiors)
  • Peds (peds.json) 983 peds in total (Useful for various natives related to peds)
  • Vehicle Colors (vehicleColors.json) Contains all Xenon Colors, Window Colors, PrimarySecondaryColors & Vehicle Plates data (Useful for various natives related to vehicle)
  • Createable Objects (ObjectList.ini 17197 createable objects in total (The objects that can be created with most common loaded ytyps) (Useful for CREATE_OBJECT native)
  • Alarm Sound names (alarmSounds.json) 60 alarm sound names in total (Usable with ALARM natives)
  • Shaders (shaders.json) 415 shaders in total
  • Train tracks (traintracks.json) 12 train tracks in total (Usable with TRACK natives)
  • Ped Damage Packs (pedDamagePacks.json) 72 ped damage packs in total (Usable with APPLY_​PED_​DAMAGE_​PACK native)
  • Music Event names (musicEventNames.json) 1567 music event names in total (Usable with MUSIC_EVENT natives)
  • Mission Audio Bank names (missionAudioBankNames.json) 22 mission audio bank names in total (Usable with MISSION_AUDIO_BANK natives)
  • Ambient Audio Bank names (ambientAudioBankNames.json) 144 ambient audio bank names in total (Usable with AMBIENT_AUDIO_BANK natives)
  • Script Audio Bank names (scriptAudioBankNames.json) 562 script audio bank names in total (Usable with SCRIPT_AUDIO_BANK natives)
  • Mission Complete Audio names (missionCompleteAudioNames.json) 4 mission complete audio names in total (Usable with PLAY_MISSION_COMPLETE_AUDIO native)
  • Police Report names (policeReportNames.json) 50 police report names in total (Usable with PLAY_​POLICE_​REPORT native)
  • Audio Scene names (audioSceneNames.json) 1129 audio scene names in total (Usable with AUDIO_SCENE natives)
  • Cutscene names (cutsceneNames.json) 741 cut scene names in total (Usable with CUT_ or CUTSCENE_ natives)
  • Weapons (weapons.json) 169 weapons with 429 components in total (Usable with WEAPON natives)
  • Radio Stations (radioStations.json) 79 radio stations in total (Usable with RADIO_STATION natives)

Objects location dumps

Object location dumps contain positions of various objects of a specific type, on the GTA V map (including all interiors / MLOs).

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