Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source

This is our R&D Computer Vision project. For now there is no documentation and it's not intended to be used by other companies.

Speed comparison against OpenCV: speed_compare (core i7 [email protected]).txt

Insanely faaaaast

  • Hand-written assembler (10% of the code)
  • GPGPU (CUDA, OpenVINO, OpenCL, OpenGL, NNAPI and Metal)
  • Smart multithreading (minimal context switch, no false-sharing, no boundaries crossing..)
  • Smart memory access (data alignment, cache pre-load, cache blocking, non-temporal load/store for minimal cache pollution, smart reference counting...)
  • Fixed-point math
  • ... and many more

SDKs using our code

Online demo apps using our code

Technical questions

Please check our discussion group or twitter account

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