Video Editing Automation

Toolkit of algorithms to automate the video editing process
Alternatives To Video Editing Automation
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4 years ago10apache-2.0C++
An experimental code editor for writing algorithms
Video Editing Automation817
4 years ago8gpl-3.0C
Toolkit of algorithms to automate the video editing process
Algorithm Mnemonics157
6 years ago1Vim script
Algorithm Mnemonics: Increase Productivity with STL Algorithms
12 years ago3mitJavaScript
JavaScript implementation of the Infinote protocol for collaborative editing
6 years ago4C
Randomized Correspondence Algorithm for Structural Image Editing
Awesome Ebooks71
10 months ago
收录开源的经典技术书籍 PDF 文件及相关网站,持续更新中...
7 years agoC#
A C# based Machine Learning Library which aims to implement user interactive Deep Learning Architecture & Algorithms.
a year ago5apache-2.0Java
Implementing the walking algorithm used in classic Pokémon G/S/C games.
4 years agomitVue
Web Based implementation of SquiggleDraw algorithm
5 days ago6lgpl-2.1C++
Deltares C++library for creating and editing meshes. It supports 1D & 2D unstructured meshes as well as curvilinear meshes.
Alternatives To Video Editing Automation
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Video Editing Automation

A toolkit of algorithms to automate the video editing process.


The goal is to write algorithmic building blocks that a human video editor can use in place of their manual labour. This means a partially-autonomous editing workflow, where the human must strategically use the toolkit of algorithms to achieve their desired results. My rough personal guess is that when implemented correctly, this could save about 80% of my time spent editing.

This project uses the ffmpeg library to handle much of the heavy lifting of video processing, and intends to build a library ontop of ffmpeg without changing the ffmpeg source code. This project and its functions are their own isolated work (unless stated otherwise), however they do require linking with ffmpeg to operate correctly. View the ffmpeg source code or Read the compilation guide

If you would like to run this code you need to first install ffmpeg by compiling the source (link above).

Directory structure

  • src/ (source code without any main functions)
  • examples/ (examples with main functions that test and showcase src/ code)
  • include/ (header files for src/ code)
  • bin/ (build directory. object files and executables live here)

a work in progress by Devon Crawford

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