Magento2 Server Configuration

Magento 2 server configuration -PHP7, Nginx, Postfix
Alternatives To Magento2 Server Configuration
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Magento2 Server Configuration63
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Magento 2 server configuration -PHP7, Nginx, Postfix
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Alternatives To Magento2 Server Configuration
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Magento 2 Automatized Server Configurator

This script installs the Magento and its server environment. It installs Nginx, PHP7, MySQL, Postfix, Composer, Magento 2, Magento sample data and all required packages and dependencies. It also set the Linux swapping and Vhost configuration.

This script makes ready Magento 2 to work for development and sets a single one store for one website.

This Magento environment fine for module and template development and Magento core contribution development

Pre-requirements: Ubuntu 18.04 with Internet connection.

To install Magento, first fill out the install.ini file then run the command "sudo bash"


  • Get an Ubuntu 18.04
  • Update it: sudo apt-get update
  • Install git: sudo apt-get install git
  • Download this installer: git clone
  • Set your user names and passwords: nano install.ini or gedit install.ini
  • Run the installer: sudo bash
  • Now, you have an installed Magento 2 prepared to development

After Installation

The installation process created the Magento Linux User automatically, so you can login as Magento and use Magento's commands:

  • cd /var/www/html/
  • su magento
  • php bin/magento

If you have any permission issues use the following commands:

  • cd /var/www/html/
  • chown -R :www-data .
  • find . -type d -exec chmod 770 {} \;
  • find . -type f -exec chmod 660 {} \;
  • chmod u+x bin/magento

Installation Demo

Magento 2 Installation - Full Server: Nginx, MySQL, PHP7, Sample Data


Article about Magento 2 and Server installation in Hungarian: Magento Propaganda

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