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Datadog Agent Version 5
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3 hours ago168apache-2.0Rust
🚀 10x easier, 🚀 140x lower storage cost, 🚀 high performance, 🚀 petabyte scale - Elasticsearch/Splunk/Datadog alternative for 🚀 (logs, metrics, traces).
Datadog Agent2,3292422 hours ago179August 22, 2023988apache-2.0Go
Main repository for Datadog Agent
Dd Agent1,291
22 days ago190otherPython
Datadog Agent Version 5
Dd Trace Go5483787 hours ago345October 11, 2022146otherGo
Datadog Go Library including APM tracing, profiling, and security monitoring.
10 hours ago55mitTypeScript
Artsy's GraphQL API
7 days ago27November 10, 202237apache-2.0Go
An active monitoring software to detect failures before your customers do.
Awesome Consul255
2 years ago
A list of awesome consul projects, libraries
a year ago4mitScala
Kafka consumer lag-checking application for monitoring, written in Scala and Akka HTTP; a wrap around the Kafka consumer group command. Integrations with Cloudwatch and Datadog. Authentication recently added
Terraform Datadog Monitors95
a month ago3apache-2.0HCL
Manage Datadog monitors with terraform dedicated modules.
Go Instrument94
a month ago3mitGo
⚡️ Automatically add Trace Spans to Go methods and functions
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Important note

This repository contains the source code for the Datadog Agent up to and including major version 5. Although still supported, no major feature is planned for this release line and we encourage users and contributors to refer to the new Agent codebase, introduced with the release of version 6.0.0 and tracked in a different git repository.


Please refer to the Change log for more details about the changes introduced at each release.

How to contribute code

Before submitting any code, please read our contributing guidelines. We'll keep accepting contributions as long as the major version 5 is supported but please consider submitting new features to the new Agent codebase.

Please note that the Agent is licensed for simplicity's sake under a simplified BSD license, as indicated in the LICENSE file. Exceptions are marked with LICENSE-xxx where xxx is the component name. If you do not agree with the licensing terms and wish to contribute code nonetheless, please email us at [email protected] before submitting your pull request.

Setup your environment


  • python 2.7
  • bundler (to get it: gem install bundler)
# Clone the repository
git clone [email protected]:DataDog/dd-agent.git

# Create a virtual environment and install the dependencies:
cd dd-agent
bundle install
rake setup_env

# Activate the virtual environment
source venv/bin/activate

# Lint
bundle exec rake lint

# Run a flavored test
bundle exec rake ci:run[apache]


All checks have been moved to the Integrations Core repo. Please look there to submit related issues, PRs, or review the latest changes.


More about how to write tests and run them here

How to configure the Agent

If you are using packages on linux, the main configuration file lives in /etc/dd-agent/datadog.conf. Per-check configuration files are in /etc/dd-agent/conf.d. We provide an example in the same directory that you can use as a template.

How to write your own checks

Writing your own checks is easy using our checks.d interface. Read more about how to use it on our Guide to Agent Checks.


git log --all | grep 'Author' | sort -u
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