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Bash Script to generate static web galleries. No server-side programs (i.e. PHP, MySQL) required.

Overview is simple bash shell script which generates static html thumbnail (image, photo) galleries using the convert and jhead command-line utilities. It requires no special server-side script to run to view image galleries because everything is pre-rendered.

It offers several features:

  • Responsive layout
  • Thumbnails which fill the browser efficiently
  • Download the original image file
  • Nice and simple Bootstrap CSS layout
  • Locally previewable galleries by accessing images locally (e.g. file:///home/nils/pics/gallery/index.html)
  • JPEG header EXIF data extraction
  • Auto-rotation of vertical images

This combination of features makes a better user experience than pretty much all the big online photo hosts. All you need is a place to host your plain html and jpeg files. This can also be Amazon S3.


Download Bash script

curl \
  -f "" \
  -o ""


On a debian-based system (Ubuntu), just run:

sudo apt install imagemagick jhead

Under macOS you can install it with...


sudo port install imagemagick jhead


brew install imagemagick jhead

Usage [-t <title>] [-d <thumbdir>] [-h]:
	[-t <title>]     sets the title (default: Gallery)
	[-d <thumbdir>]  sets the thumbdir (default: __thumbs)
	[-h]             displays help (this message)

Example: or -t "My Photos" -d "thumbs" works in the current directory. Just load the index.html in a browser see the output.

The directory should contain a bunch of JPEG (.jpg or .JPG) files. It does not work recursively. ZIP files (.zip or .ZIP) and movies (.mov, .MOV, .mp4 or .MP4) are also considered. They appear as a download button in the gallery.


Create a Bash alias for

Open the ~/.bash_profile, ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_aliases in your text editor:

nano ~/.bash_aliases

Add your alias:

alias gallery='/home/nils/gallery_shell/'


This demo page is generated with GitHub Action:


Screenshot: Gallery

Screenshot: Image


GNU Public License version 3. Please feel free to fork and modify this on GitHub (

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