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Awesome Open Source


Can't go out this Corona Season? Autolycus is here! A simple and quick Torrent to Google Drive Dowloader using Google Colab.

To access Autolycus click HERE:

Open In Colab

Just Navigate to this Link:

Instructions to use Autolycus:

  1. Copy Magnet Link of the Item of download from piratesbay/etc.

  2. Click on

Open In Colab .

3. Login using your SRMIST/Google account (any would work in this step, refer point 1 from limitations below).

  1. Run the Program Code scroll down and wait.

5. Click on the generated link and login using your SRMIST Drive Account (for unlimited storage, yes it is unlimited).

  1. Verify and click on "Allow", after that copy the generated verification code and come back to Autolycus and paste it in the field.

  2. Hit Enter!

  3. Paste your Magnet Links one by one, Hit enter!

  4. When done pasting all, type "Exit" and Hit Enter!

  5. Wait for the file to be downloaded to your drive.

  6. DONE! Now you can view it directly from your Drive account, Phone, Laptop, etc., if not streamable instantly wait for 15 mins and then try to stream. (Drive takes time to process the file for streaming)

Precautions and Limitations:

  1. Downloading using the same account everyday would lead to a temporary ban of 24hrs from Google Collab, so try using different accounts everyday (your gmail or srmist alternatively).

  2. Changing the runtime type may give you more or less downloading memory depending on which you select, hence best to leave the runtime configurations to default if you're a noob.(107 GB Limit of download at once, plenty bruh!).

More Tools coming up!

Be safe, stay safe this Corona Season.


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