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Use APlay instead.


Swift framework for streaming, playing audio

The project is based on the project FreeStreamer


  • Pure Swift implementation, no need to mixing Objective-C/C++ in project


  • [x] Digest(Tested), Basic(not tested) proxy support

  • [x] CPU-friendly design(4% - 6%)

  • [x] Multiple protocols supported: ShoutCast, standard HTTP, local files

  • [x] Prepared for tough network conditions: adjustable buffer sizes, stream pre-buffering and restart on failuresrestart on not full content streamed when end of stream

  • [x] Metadata support: ShoutCast metadata, ID3V1, ID3v1.1, ID3v2.2, ID3v2.3, ID3v2.4

  • [x] Local disk caching: user only needs to stream a file once and after that it can be played from a local cache

  • [x] Local disk storing: user can add a folder for local resource loading

  • [x] Preloading: playback can start immediately without needing to wait for buffering

  • [x] Record: support recording the stream contents to a file

  • [ ] Access the PCM audio samples: as an example, a visualizer is included

  • [x] custom logging module and logging into file supported

  • [ ] FLAC support


See LICENSE for the license.

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