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[ENGLISH] ChordNova - Beyond boundaries!

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ChordNova is a powerful open-source chord progression analysis plus generation software for multiple operating systems (currently Windows and Linux).

  • Featuring unprecedentedly detailed control over trait parameters of musical chords and progressions, that is way above mainstream softwares, which are only based on triadic chord theories. ChordNova is based on the theory of Parameteric Harmony, supporting 15+ indicators and 40+ detailed parameters through the analysis and generation process.
  • The powerful built-in Chord Analyser/subsititor covers all possible pitch combinations of the entire 12-TET, which brings a leap forward in pop/jazz chord substitution techniques.
  • Provides a range of presets and music examples; supports MIDI file output.
  • Runs on multiple OS (currently available in Windows and Linux) .
  • *** Now seeking cross-platform developers for iOS/Android/Web/Mac OS. ***

-- New feature in v3.0.2021: Chord Analyser/Substitutor

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ChordNova is jointly developed by SIM Ji-woon (Tsinghua University) and CHEN Wenge (Xinghai Conservatory of Music).

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[中文] ChordNova 智弦 - 和声生成神器!

招募公告:本软件除用户手册以外的所有功能都已实现完成,现招募移动App(iOS,Android)及网页版移植开发者,报酬面议(不低于10000元)。有意者请询 [email protected]、QQ:925792714。

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  • 提供前所未有的特征参数细节控制,远超以三度叠置为基础的主流软件。以「参数和声理论」为基础,支持15个以上筛选指标和40多个详细参数。
  • 内置强有力「和弦替代」功能,查找范围覆盖整个十二平均律所有可能的音高组合,是流行爵士「和弦替代」技法的一次飞跃。
  • 提供一系列预设和乐曲范例;支持MIDI文件输出。
  • 支持多系统(目前有Windows和Linux两个版本)。

生成音乐试听 Music examples:

新功能 —— 和弦替代器:点击左下角「和弦进行速查/替代」(Chord Analyser) 可计算替代和弦进行。

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作者:清华大学 沈智云[1](程序设计), 星海音乐学院 陈文戈[1](构想与调试)

Latest Release 最新版本:v3.0.2021 [20210115] Downloads 下载 ↓

Windows 版:

Linux 版:

下载慢:提供百度网盘下载 链接: ,提取码:1234

关于软件的使用方法请阅读安装包中的《智弦用户手册》(ChordNova User's Guide) 。

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