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Some useful tools written by pure python.
You can star this repository to keep track of the project if it's helpful for you, thank you for your support.

Support List

Name_EN Introduction Core Code Name_CN
portscanner click click 简易端口扫描器
timer click click 简易计时器
emailsecurity click click 邮箱安全性验证工具
calculator click click 简易计算器
iplocationquery click click 根据IP地址查询地理信息小工具
clock click click 简易时钟
inquiryexpress click click 快递查询系统
qrcodegenerator click click 二维码生成器
musicplayer click click 音乐播放器
luxunsentencesquery click click 鲁迅名言查询系统
runcat click click 奔跑的猫
newyearcardgenerator click click 新年贺卡生成器
naughtyconfession click click 仿抖音表白神器
succulentquery click click 多肉数据查询系统
artsigngenerator click click 艺术签名生成器
genderpredictor click click 给定中文名的性别猜测器
idiomsolitaire click click 成语接龙小软件
trumptweetsgenerator click click 特朗普推特生成器
idcardquery click click 身份证信息查询工具
videoplayer click click 视频播放器
coupletgenerator click click 春联生成器
translator click click 翻译软件
desktoppet click click 桌面宠物
computersinger click click 让电脑主板上的蜂鸣器哼歌
hubbleseeonbirthday click click 你生日那天的宇宙
earthwallpaper click click 动态更新地球壁纸
moviehelper click click 电影小助手
controlpcbyemail click click 邮件控制电脑
playfireworks click click 放烟花特效
arxivhelper click click Arxiv小助手
ukrainemap click click 乌克兰地图查询系统
sovietgenerator click click 苏联笑话生成器
goodgoodgenerator click click 稳中向好生成器
tianyancha click click 天眼查
decryptbrowser click click 盗取浏览器里的账号密码
githubacceleration click click 国内访问Github一键加速脚本
modifyfoldericon click click 文件夹图标批量修改
sheepsheep click click "羊了个羊"小助手



  • Nodejs: Since some of the tools depend on nodejs, e.g., translator, you should install the latest Nodejs if you want to use those tools.
  • LAV Filters: If you want to use musicplayer or videoplayer in Windows, you have to install the decoder of DirectShow, such as LAV Filters.

Pip install

run "pip install pikachupytools"

Source code install

(1) Offline
Step1: git clone
Step2: cd pytools -> run "python install"
(2) Online
run "pip install git+[email protected]"

Quick Start

import random
from pytools import pytools

tool_client = pytools.pytools()
all_supports = tool_client.getallsupported()



Projects in Charles_pikachu

  • Games: Create interesting games by pure python.
  • DecryptLogin: APIs for loginning some websites by using requests.
  • Musicdl: A lightweight music downloader written by pure python.
  • Videodl: A lightweight video downloader written by pure python.
  • Pytools: Some useful tools written by pure python.
  • PikachuWeChat: Play WeChat with itchat-uos.
  • Pydrawing: Beautify your image or video.
  • ImageCompressor: Image compressors written by pure python.
  • FreeProxy: Collecting free proxies from internet.
  • Paperdl: Search and download paper from specific websites.
  • Sciogovterminal: Browse "The State Council Information Office of the People's Republic of China" in the terminal.
  • CodeFree: Make no code a reality.
  • DeepLearningToys: Some deep learning toys implemented in pytorch.
  • DataAnalysis: Some data analysis projects in charles_pikachu.
  • Imagedl: Search and download images from specific websites.
  • Pytoydl: A toy deep learning framework built upon numpy.
  • NovelDL: Search and download novels from some specific websites.


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