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Awesome Open Source


The goal of HoloDec is to write an open source decompiler for x86/x86-64 binaries. For starters only ELF binaries with x86-64 will be supported, but the process is going to be extendable to support multiple architectures.

Currently Planned Features

  • Support of x86, x86-64, ARM and MIPS instruction sets (ARM and MIPS at a later point)
  • Support of ELF and PE binaries
  • Scripting support for dynamically interacting with the program, so that results of all steps can be changed or overwritten
  • Recursive descending disassembler(in the works)
  • Semantic based Decompiler
    • Raising of disassembled result into intermediate representation(IR)
    • Convert IR into an SSA form
    • Generation of Pseudocode from SSA

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