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The Holy Book of X86

Delivered to you by Arash Tohidi with the spirit of OpenSecurityTraining
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A simple guide to x86 architecture, assembly, memory management, paging, segmentation, interrupts, etc.

This book tries to make you have a better understanding of computers in general and helps you learn 
x86 architecture pretty fast. This book includes a crash course in x86 assembly and contains some of
the core concepts of x86 architecture which you need to understand most operating systems internals.     

Here's a quick overview of the content (current content):

Volume 1: Pure Assembly
  • Introduction to Intel x86 Assembly
  • Learn the most frequently used assembly instructions and their conventions
  • Reverse Engineer simple binaries
  • Control structures and loops
  • Write simple applications in pure assembly
Volume 2: Internals
Section 1: Raw Intel Architecture
  • Chapter 0x01: Introduction to Intel x86 Architecture
  • Chapter 0x02: Segmentation
  • Chapter 0x03: Paging
  • Chapter 0x04: Cache Control
  • Chapter 0x05: Interrupts and Exceptions
Section 2: Windows Internals
  • Chapter 0x06: Exploring PE files
    !!! DISCONTINUED !!!

If you want to support the author:

 No need to purchase the print book since I'm not selling any longer. But you could help me completing 
 the book or making it better. Just make a pull request... :)         

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