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Briskine Browser Extension

Write emails faster. Create text templates and insert them with shortcuts on any website.


  • Install Node.js and npm.
  • Run npm install to install all dependencies.
  • Rename the src/store/config-firebase.sample.js file to config-firebase.js and add the required details from the Firebase dashboard.

The following commands are available:

  • npm start - Development mode. Creates development manifest, watches files and recompiles them automatically.
  • npm run build - Build extension and compress extension.
  • Append -- safari to any command to build the Safari version. (eg. npm run build -- safari)

Known issues

  1. Saving a template from the context menus doesn't work with multi-lines.

    Relevant bug:

    This means that when selecting a text to save as a template it will not preserve newlines.

Creating templates

Templates are powered by handlebars.js.

The following template variables are available:

  • subject string
  • from list; Each list element contains:
    • name string
    • firt_name string
    • last_name string
    • email string
  • to list similar to from
  • cc list similar to from
  • bcc list similar to from

To output a string use following syntax:

String variables are denoted by double curly braces: {{subject}}

If subject is My email subject then it be rendered to:

String variables are denoted by double curly braces: My email subject

To output a list use following syntax:

{{#each to}}
- Name {{name}}
- First name {{first_name}}
- Last name {{last_name}}
- Email {{email}}

You also may want to output list only if it has values:

{{#if to}}
{{#each to}}
- Name {{name}}
- First name {{first_name}}
- Last name {{last_name}}
- Email {{email}}

If you want to output only second element from list (note that list numbering starts with 0):

{{#if to.[1]}}
Second To:
- Name {{}}
- First name {{to.1.first_name}}
- Last name {{to.1.last_name}}
- Email {{}}

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