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Deploy to Deta Micro

Lots of thanks to the BotCom folks for clarification and to the Deta folks and for all the walkthroughs and hard work!

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This is a simple GitHub Action to deploy current repo to a Deta Micro. Uses deta deploy command to deploy the latest changes as per documentation.



Required. The access token generated by Deta. Used for deta clone and deta deploy commands.

You can generate your own access token from your Deta account in order to avoid web login. Follow the Authetication documentation here.

Be very sure you don't share the token or paste it in plain text! You can add it to the GitHub project's secrets as it follows:

  • On your project's page click on the Settings button;
  • Navigate to Secrets panel;
  • Click on New secret;
  • Name it DETA_TOKEN and paste the key there.

Now you can use the key in your project's actions as ${{ secrets.DETA_TOKEN }}. Read more about GitHub Secrets.

GitHub Visual Instructions


Required. The name of the existing Deta Micro you are deploying to. Used for deta clone command in order to retrieve the latest information about the targeted Micro.


The name of the Deta project your Micro is part of. Used for deta clone command in order to retrieve the latest information about the targeted Micro. Default "default".


The name of the directory where the Deta code is located, in cases where the project is not located in the root directory. Default . (the root)

Example action workflow

name: Deploy to Deta
on: push

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - uses: actions/[email protected] #Be sure you check-out the repo first. Deta CLI needs access to the files
      - uses: BogDAAAMN/[email protected]
          deta-access-token: ${{ secrets.DETA_TOKEN }} #Deta access token
          deta-name: 'micro-name' #Deta Micro name
          deta-project: 'project-name' #Optional: Deta project name
          deta-project-dir: 'other-dir' #Optional: directory to be deployed on Deta. Default is the root "." 

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