Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source

Whats in this Repo

This repo contains a bunch of examples and bits and pieces that might be useful it might not.


Most of these examples either use NodeJS or PHP or pure HTML (with Javascript) (using a dumb php -S to serve the demo, as apposed to file:// to avoid some oddities)

Aside from that the dependencies are supposed to be as lightweight as possible.


These examples are testable on GitHub pages, and will prompt for implicit authentication to run the code.

Twitch Extensions

There are some useful bits for Twitch Extensions in this repo, mainly for the API side of things.

If you are after a demo of a Twitch Extension with an EBS that talks to the Twitch API, checkout the Twitch Profile Extension Repository instead

Practical Examples

Most of the code in this repository is various bits and pieces for your to copy/paste in other projects.

However the examples folder will contain self contained examples that demonstrate a more full "product".

Further Help

Some options

TwitchDev Discord


Thank you for the help I want to give you beer/coffee money -> Check the Funding/Sponsor details

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