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Handesk has been created by our need (At Revo Systems to have a powerful yet simple Ticketing system, we needed a system that allowed us to have multiple teams, with multiple users, easy and efficient reporting by all/team/user as well as lead management.

Landing page:

Check out the screenshots to see how nice it looks, and feel free to contribute by sending us PRs. We will keep adding features as we need them, but our basic workflow is totally covered :D


  • Email polling (new tickets and tickets updates)
  • Email attachments as ticket attachments (using laravel storage driver)
  • API for creating/updating/fetching tickets/leads so you can display them into your main app
  • Instant email/slack notifications when tickets are created/updated
  • Everything is unlimited
  • Lead management (With its API as well)
  • Auto lead subscription to mailChimp based on its tags
  • Tickets reporting
  • Tickets internal notes
  • Tickets can be escalated, so assistants can comment on them to help the teams
  • Can merge tickets
  • Mention agents with @name so they get notified
  • Lead tasks, that can have a due date, and sending daily tasks email
  • Create issues to your code repository directly from the ticket
  • Updating the ticket automatically when an issue is marked as resolved
  • UI multi language support (default en, alternative ca, de, fr, es)
  • Roadmap module, you can create ideas that come from your customers or your own, give them deadlines and integrate them with your repository manager, you can even create ideas from support tickets so you never lose track.
  • You can also create ideas by sending an email to you support accounts starting with Idea: it will create an idea instead of a ticket
  • Ticket rating, when a ticket is solved a rating email is sent to the customer (check config/handesk.php to disable it)

Follow us on twitter [@codepassionapp( to stay tuned


Its very simple, you just need to follow the standard Laravel installation

git clone
cd handesk
composer install
# Setup your .env file to match your desired database
php artisan key:generate

# Purge the cache before running migrations
php artisan config:cache
php artisan config:clear

# Run migrations and seed
php artisan migrate --seed
php artisan storage:link #if you use the local driver

Alternatively, you can use the following docker setup

The default admin user is [email protected] / admin If you want email pulling, you need to enable the imap extension on php (note that on mac the php-cli runs very slow, you need to update your /etc/hosts file

::1         localhost YourMac.local   localhost YourMac.local

Open your app/Console/Kernel.php to update the schedulers as you want (comment them if not needed) Add the cron job * * * * * php /path-to-your-project/artisan schedule:run >> /dev/null 2>&1

Further configuration

Email pulling

Enter your mail credentials in .env
[email protected]


You can toggle the visibility of leads and ideas in the config/handesk.php file.

'leads'    => env('HANDESK_LEADS_ENABLED', true),
'roadmap'  => env('HANDESK_ROADMAP_ENABLED', true),


Set your mailchimp key in .env MAILCHIMP_API_KEY=448027f3acac5594605be3adf78be862-us15

And enter the relation of tags => list id in config/services.php mailchimp section


You can create issues directly to your code repository from tickets. You need to setup your credentials in the .env


And enter your repositories list in config/issues.php file, filling the repositories field.

You can event update the tickets automatically (adding a private note using bitbucket webhooks). You just need to go to your report webhooks settings and add a new webhook with the url


You just need to check the issues updated option

Api Token

Set your desired API token in the .env


We have the following SDK's to easily interact with Handesk api There is the badchoice/handesk-php package in packagist to easily talk with the api. Handesk-php Handesk-ios In progress


Tickets screenshot Ticket screenshot Leads screenshot Lead screenshot Invitation screenshot Email screenshot


We have a slack channel at And you can join with the following invitation

Join in with the following link

Join handesk slack

Or you can follow me on twitter too [@codepassionapp(


We try to follow a TDD approach as well as some mixed functional CSS for the frontend.

PRs are welcome!


Handesk is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.

Special thanks to Jetbrains for their support to open source projects!

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