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My Neovim Configuration

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Important Notes

Neovim v0.8.0 Incompatible Alert
  • Markdown Preview failed to open due to NVIM_LISTEN_ADDRESS removal. Fix available in my fork.
Neovim v0.7.0 Incompatible Alert

Neovim v0.7.0 has released. The configuration itself is working fine. But there are also other changes that might incompatible with your computer.

Configuration Incompatible Alert The configuration is no more compatible with neovim 0.6.0 now. If you are still using neovim 0.6.0, please checkout to the 4.0.2 version:
git clone
git checkout 4.0.2
Configuration capabilities list
Neovim Version Configuration Version
NVIM-v0.8.0-dev+98-g069da468d5 HEAD
NVIM v0.8.0 6.0.0
NVIM v0.7* 5.2.2
NVIM v0.6* 4.0.2


  • Fast and Lazy: It takes 25ms in average to open the neovim editor. And every plugin is handled well to be activate only when they are needed. Nothing should slowdown the editor.
  • Handy and Smoothy: There will always be a panel to remind you when you forget your key settings. There will always be a short keystroke to help you get to the place you want to jump to. There will always......
  • Powerful coding experience: With the power from nvim-lspconfig, we can have "IDE Level" coding experience in the terminal.
  • Fancy looking: Talk is cheap, see the gallery.

Getting Start

You can press the fork button to clone my project (Don't forget to smash the star button! :)), then pull your repo to the local:

git clone ~/.config/nvim

Finally, input nvim to open the editor, and all plugins will be downloaded automatically.


You can read the full installation instruction here: ==> Installation Guide


Minimal vimrc: If you want a minimal vimrc, try this

curl -SL "" -o ~/.vimrc

Document (WIP)

Please read NVIM GUIDANCE.


Easy in-file jump


Which key?

Kanagawa Theme Deus Theme Github Theme
Kanagawa deus github

Code Completion Command Completion
coding cmp-cmdline

Easy install language server

Signature Help Code Actions Diagnostic
lsp-popup lsp-codeaction lsp-diagnostic
Debug CPP Debug Rust
cpp Rust
Code navigate
Fugitive Lazygit
fugitive lazygit
file manager nvim-tree
VFiler nvim-tree

Find file Project grep Symbol search
find-file live-grep symbols


MIT License


The v1.0-vimscript version is originally inspired by theniceboy/nvim.

And lua code since v2.0 is inspired by siduck76/NvChad.

Take a look at their contribution, which is really fantastic.

Development Related

Please read development specifications.


我的 neovim 配置是翻斗花园第一配置,不服来打,我家住在翻斗大街翻斗花园2号楼1001室。 我爸胡英俊,我妈张小丽,我叫胡图图,你来你看我干不干你就完事儿了。

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