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A collection of interesting libraries and tools for Avalonia project.
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A collection of interesting libraries and tools for Avalonia project.
Dock591124 days ago74October 10, 202218mitC#
A docking layout system.
7 months agomitC#
Sample Dock application.
6 months agomitC#
MessageCommunicator is a library + testing Gui for message-based communication. The library can be integrated in .NET Standard 2, .NET 6.0 and .NET 7.0 apps. The Gui is build using C# and Avalonia, therefore it supports the desktop environments on Windows, Linux and Mac.
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Awesome-Avalonia PRs Welcome

Avalonia is a cross platform XAML Framework for the .NET ecosystem

A curated list of Awesome Avalonia libraries and resources.

Contributions are always welcome! Please take a look at the contribution guidelines pages first.



Samples and Projects

  • 432hz Player - Plays music in 432hz.
  • 432hz Batch Converter - Converts and re-encodes music to 432hz.
  • Apollo Studio - Apollo Studio is a standalone editor and live playback engine for RGB Launchpad light effects.
  • Amplitude Soundboard - A sleek, cross-platform soundboard, available for Windows, Linux, and MacOS.
  • AvaloniaILSpy - Avalonia-based .NET Decompiler (port of ILSpy)
  • AvalonStudio - Cross platform IDE and Shell.
  • Camelotia - Cross-platform demo file manager for cloud storages.
  • ColorMC - A Minecraft Launcher.
  • Core2D - A multi-platform data driven 2D diagram editor.
  • DAGE - DAGE is an Desktop Antlr grammar editor.
  • Egram - Egram is an unofficial crossplatform Telegram client written in C#, .NET Core, ReactiveUI and Avalonia.
  • FVim - Cross platform Neovim front-end UI, built with F# + Avalonia.
  • Git-It-GUI - A Git GUI client designed to be simple with game studio collaboration in mind.
  • GroupMe Desktop Client - GroupMe Desktop Client Avalonia is an open-source, cross platform, modular client for GroupMe messenging.
  • Jaya - Cross platform file explorer application for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.
  • Lacmus - The program for searching through photos from the air of lost people in the forest using Retina Net neural network.
  • Let it snow - .NET Core Avalonia UI Snow Demo.
  • Loon - Loon is a cross platform desktop twitter client. It's minimal design mimics gadget style applications.
  • MangaReader - Help to download updates from online manga readers.
  • MarkDoc.Core - Modular documentation generator for .NET projects
  • Modern VICE PDB Monitor - Provides a cross platform debugging environment for VICE emulator. Uses AvaloniaEdit as well.
  • MzingaViewer - Cross-platform UI for playing the board game Hive against compatible AIs.
  • Nethereum UI - Simple wallet cross platform using Avalonia UI.
  • OpenUTAU - A cross-platform singing synthesis platform.
  • PixelViewer - Cross-platform image viewer which supports reading raw Luminance/YUV/RGB/ARGB pixels data from file and rendering it.
  • Pororoca - A HTTP testing tool with support for HTTP/2 and HTTP/3. Alternative to Postman.
  • Powerliminals Player - Plays multiple audios simultaneously at varying speeds.
  • PowerShell GraphicalTools - A module that mixes PowerShell and GUIs!
  • Prism Outlookish - Learn Prism.Avalonia with this boilerplate for Regions, Modules, Dialog Service, Notification Service, and more.
  • Radish - Cross-platform desktop client designed exclusively for Redis
  • RoadCaptain - Build and run custom routes in Zwift the virtual cycling world
  • RoslynPad - A cross-platform C# editor based on Roslyn and AvalonEdit
  • Sapphire Notes - A cross-platform desktop application for managing notes.
  • Team Sketch - A cross-platform desktop application for collaborative drawing.
  • JSON Formatter - A cross-platform desktop application for formatting JSON strings.
  • SkillChat - A cross-platform open-source messenger with real-time chat, sending files, receiving notifications, and the ability to deploy on a private server.
  • SpiroNet - The .NET C# port of libspiro - conversion between spiro control points and bezier's.
  • TreeViewer - Cross-platform software to draw phylogenetic trees
  • Unlimotion - A cross-platform open-source task scheduler with unlimited nesting level
  • ULogViewer - Cross-platform universal log viewer which supports customizable logs reading/parsing/displaying.
  • UVtools - A Cross-platform MSLA/DLP, file analysis, calibration, repair, conversion, manipulation, image processing, stacked layers, openCV
  • WalletWasabi - Open-source, non-custodial, privacy focused Bitcoin wallet for Windows, Linux, and Mac. Built-in Tor, CoinJoin, and coin control features.
  • xDelta3 Cross GUI - A cross-platform GUI for creating patches using xDelta3 on Windows, Linux, and MacOS.
  • XmlyDownloader - Free audio downloader for based on Avalonia
  • Xune - A cross-platform resurrection of Zune Desktop Music player using AvaloniaUI.
  • Purple Explorer - A cross-platform desktop application to manage messages in Azure service bus and queue
  • AHpx.RG - Cross-platform readme generator based on xml summary documentation
  • YouTube Video Uploader - Converted from WPF to Avalonia cross-platform tool for uploading videos to YouTube.


Libraries & Extensions


  • AsyncImageLoader.Avalonia - Provides way to asynchronous Images loading. From web and beyond
  • AvaloniaBehaviors - Avalonia XAML Behaviors is an easy-to-use means of adding common and reusable interactivity to your Avalonia applications with minimal code.
  • AvaloniaInside.Shell - Reduces the complexity of mobile/desktop application development by providing the fundamental features that most applications require such as Shell, Navigation, And Side Menu
  • Nickvision.Avalonia - A library for Avalonia app development that contains a lightweight MVVM framework, custom controls, and an update framework
  • ShowMeTheXaml.Avalonia - A control that makes it easier to display the corresponding XAML at runtime.
  • SpiroNet - The .NET C# port of libspiro - conversion between spiro control points and bezier's.
  • Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Avalonia - Xamarin Forms platform implemented with Avalonia (A multi-platform .NET UI framework).

Theme & Icons


Charts & Plots & Diagrams

  • GoDiagram - A .NET library for rapidly building interactive diagrams.
  • LiveCharts2 - Simple, flexible, interactive & powerful charts, maps and gauges for .Net.
  • Microcharts - A simple Avalonia only port of the Microcharts library.
  • OxyPlot - A cross-platform plotting library for .NET.
  • ScottPlot - Interactive Plotting Library for .NET
  • StockPlot - A Stcok Markets Technical Analysis library for AvaloniaUI, based on ScottPlot, supporting live data stream.


Games and Game engines

Web Browsers

  • CefGlue - .NET/Mono binding for The Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF).
  • CefNet - .NET binding for the Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF).
  • OutSystems WebView - Fully featured Avalonia WebView Control.




Presentations slides


  • Avalonia Material Icon Pack - All Material Icons Pack that can be found in (net5.0 only).
  • Avalonia Toolkit - Visual Studio Extension to generate boilerplate Avalonia related code.
  • Avant Garde - Standalone cross-platform XAML previewer for the C# Avalonia Framework
  • Citrus - Avalonia experimental touch-friendly UI theme.
  • dotnet-properties - .NET Core CLI extension that allows editing project properties using a cross-platform UI.
  • IconPacks - Import of more than 21,000 vector icons from the Visual Studio image library, VSCode Icons and MahApps.Metro.IconPacks.
  • IconPacks Testbed - Testbed for MahApps.Avalonia.IconPacks.
  • Live.Avalonia - Live reloading tool for developing Avalonia applications.
  • nkyUI - Neptunium kyUI - UI styles for Avalonia. Inspired by MahApps.Metro.
  • PupNet Deploy - Cross-platform deployment utility which publishes your Avalonia application and packages it as a ready-to-ship installation file.
  • Rider Plugin For Avalonia - JetBrains Rider plugin for Avalonia development.
  • Svg.Skia - An SVG rendering library with an example of Avalonia.
  • ThemeEditor - ThemeEditor is an Avalonia UI Framework theme editor.
  • ThemeManager - Theme manager for Avalonia applications.





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