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Avalonia is a cross platform XAML Framework for .NET Framework, .NET Core and Mono

A curated list of Awesome Avalonia libraries and resources.

Contributions are always welcome! Please take a look at the contribution guidelines pages first.



Samples and Projects

  • AvalonStudio - Cross platform IDE and Shell.
  • Core2D - A multi-platform data driven 2D diagram editor.
  • WalletWasabi - Open-source, non-custodial, privacy focused Bitcoin wallet for Windows, Linux, and Mac. Built-in Tor, CoinJoin, and coin control features.
  • AvaloniaILSpy - Avalonia-based .NET Decompiler (port of ILSpy)
  • Jaya - Cross platform file explorer application for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.
  • FVim - Cross platform Neovim front-end UI, built with F# + Avalonia.
  • Radish - Cross-platform desktop client designed exclusively for Redis
  • Egram - Egram is an unofficial crossplatform Telegram client written in C#, .NET Core, ReactiveUI and Avalonia.
  • SpiroNet - The .NET C# port of libspiro - conversion between spiro control points and bezier's.
  • Git-It-GUI - A Git GUI client designed to be simple with game studio collaboration in mind.
  • PowerShell GraphicalTools - A module that mixes PowerShell and GUIs!
  • RoslynPad - A cross-platform C# editor based on Roslyn and AvalonEdit
  • Let it snow - .NET Core Avalonia UI Snow Demo.
  • Nethereum UI - Simple wallet cross platform using Avalonia UI.
  • BattleCity - 2D game stub rendered completely by AvaloniaUI.
  • Camelotia - Cross-platform demo file manager for cloud storages.
  • Apollo Studio - Apollo Studio is a standalone editor and live playback engine for RGB Launchpad light effects.
  • MangaReader - Help to download updates from online manga readers.
  • YetAnotherXmppClient - XMPP library with Avalonia UI.
  • GroupMe Desktop Client - GroupMe Desktop Client Avalonia is an open-source, cross platform, modular client for GroupMe messenging.
  • Lacmus - The program for searching through photos from the air of lost people in the forest using Retina Net neural nwtwork.
  • traficante - An app that let you run cross database(eg. SqlServer and ElasticSearch) SQL queries
  • Synfonia - A music-oriented media player built with AvaloniaUI and our own fork of SharpAudio with FFMPEG Integration.
  • xDelta3 Cross GUI - A cross-platform GUI for creating patches using xDelta3 on Windows, Linux, and Mac.


Libraries & Extensions


  • AvaloniaBehaviors - Avalonia XAML Behaviors is an easy-to-use means of adding common and reusable interactivity to your Avalonia applications with minimal code.
  • Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Avalonia - Xamarin Forms platform implemented with Avalonia (A multi-platform .NET UI framework).
  • Material Design - Collection of styles to help you customize your Avalonia application theme with Material Design
  • PokemonBattleEngine - A C# library that can emulate Pokémon battles.
  • SpiroNet - The .NET C# port of libspiro - conversion between spiro control points and bezier's.
  • Aero Theme - Windows Aero Theme for Avalonia.


  • Prism - Prism framework support for Avalonia UI.
  • FuncUI - Develop cross-plattform MVU GUI Applications using F# and Avalonia.
  • ReactiveMvvm - Cross-platform ReactiveUI & PropertyChanged.Fody demo app.
  • ReactiveHistory - Reactive undo/redo framework for .NET.

Chart & Plot

  • Microcharts - A simple Avalonia only port of the Microcharts library.
  • OxyPlot - A cross-platform plotting library for .NET.
  • ScottPlot - Interactive Plotting Library for .NET


Web Browsers

  • OutSystems WebView - Fully featured Avalonia WebView Control.
  • CefGlue - .NET/Mono binding for The Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF).
  • CefNet - .NET binding for the Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF).




Presentations slides


  • ThemeEditor - ThemeEditor is an Avalonia UI Framework theme editor.
  • ThemeManager - Theme manager for Avalonia applications.
  • PanAndZoom - Pan and zoom control for WPF and Avalonia.
  • IconPacks - Import of more than 21,000 vector icons from the Visual Studio image library, VSCode Icons and MahApps.Metro.IconPacks.
  • IconPacks Testbed - Testbed for MahApps.Avalonia.IconPacks.
  • nkyUI - Neptunium kyUI - UI styles for Avalonia. Inspired by MahApps.Metro.
  • Citrus - Avalonia experimental touch-friendly UI theme.
  • Svg.Skia - An SVG rendering library with an example of Avalonia.
  • dotnet-properties - .NET Core CLI extension that allows editing project properties using a cross-platform UI.
  • Rider Plugin For Avalonia - JetBrains Rider plugin for Avalonia development.
  • Live.Avalonia - Live reloading tool for developing Avalonia applications.





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