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Convert CSV files to XLSX (Excel 2007+ XML Format) files.

Written in JavaScript. Available for Node.js CLI and API.

Binaries are available for:

  • Windows x64
  • Linux x64
  • MacOS x64


  • Binaries - download and run via your OS's command-line utility
  • Fast and Reliable
  • Full UTF-8 support
  • CSV Column detection
  • Batch mode - convert a CSV folder to an XLSX folder
  • Node.js CLI and API


npm install @aternus/csv-to-xlsx



Download the executables from the bin folder.

./csv-to-xlsx-linux -i "input-directory" -o "output-directory"

Node.js CLI

Type --help for a full list of options.

npx @aternus/csv-to-xlsx -i "input-directory" -o "output-directory"

Node.js API

const path = require('path');
const convertCsvToXlsx = require('@aternus/csv-to-xlsx');

let source = path.join(__dirname, 'report.csv');
let destination = path.join(__dirname, 'converted_report.xlsx');

try {
  convertCsvToXlsx(source, destination);
} catch (e) {


Released under the MIT License - see for details.

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