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Astus' Mathematical Display Application

Current features:

  • Use (Shift+)AltGr+Key to type Mathematical Symbols (Refer to AMaDiA_ReplacementTables)
  • Tab 1 : Scientific Calculator
    • Calculate with +,-,±,×,÷,√,^,°, Integral f(x) dx, d(f(x))/dx, y'(x), complex numbers, sin(), cos(), tan(), exp(), log() , π , E and more
    • Solve an equation with unknown variables
    • Solve Differential Equations (including particular solutions)
    • Test for equality of two terms
    • Use mathematic Unicode symbols to type faster!
    • Turn on units in the options to do things like convert_to(7foot+3inch,m)
    • For more detailed usage check out Help/Examples and copy/paste the examples to the according tab input fields
  • Tab 2 : Convert input to LaTeX and display it
  • Tab 3 : Plot 2D Graphs (3D and complex Graphs are WIP)
  • Tab 4 : Equations with matrices and vectors as well as systems of linear equations
  • System Control Window : Everything for System Control (WIP)
  • LAN chat program (needs overhaul)
    • Intended for sharing equations with other users in the same network to make cooperative working easier
    • Separate Server and Client applications
    • Allows sending of text and text files
    • Share text files with all other users in the network via drag'n'drop into the input field
    • Server has some moderation tools (Muting/Kicking/Banning
    • WARNING: Messages are currently not encrypted! Do not send sensitive data!!!
  • Custom Window Frames

Feedback is welcome
Suggestions are welcome
Requests are welcome

How to Install

On Windows:

  • Install
  • Install
  • Create two files "AMaDiA.bat" and "AMaDiA_INSTALL.bat" and copy the text from the two file in WINDOWS-INSTALL into them by rightcklicking on them and selecting the modify option
  • doubleclick on "AMaDiA_INSTALL.bat" to install AMaDiA (The installation location is the user folder. This can be changed by editing both files.)
  • From now on doubleclicking on AMaDiA.bat will update and then run AMaDiA

(Disclaimer: Use theses .bat files on your own risk. I doubt they can cause any harm but i am no expert on batch files and can not foresee all eventualities)

On Linux [WIP]:

On OSX [???]:

  • I don't have access to OSX and am not even sure how good AMaDiA runs on it (it should work flawlessy?)... Sorry but I can not help you...
  • If anyone has a good description how to easily install/update+run a python script on OSX feel free to inform me so I can add it here


Screenshot Version
Demo Picture

Short Term Roadmap

Planned features for near future (order reflects priority):

  • Plot 3D and complex functions
  • Improve System Control Window
  • (Continuous:) Better parser to allow a more flexible input

Long Term Roadmap

Planned features for future (order reflects priority):

  • Make Tab 4 even easier to use
  • Simple Texteditor
  • better unit handling (like automatic simplification)
  • Automatic recognition for PDEs so that the user no longer has to put them in "pdsolve(...)"
  • Save/load the history
  • PDF-Viewer

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