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A really simple, lightweight Angular pipe for converting a date string into a time ago

Time Range Output
0 - 45 seconds a few seconds ago
45 - 90 seconds a minute ago
90 seconds - 45 minutes X minutes ago
45 - 90 minutes an hour ago
90 minutes - 22 hours X hours ago
22 - 36 hours a day ago
36 hours - 25 days X days ago
25 - 45 days a month ago
45 - 345 days X months ago
345 - 545 days (1.5 years) a year ago
546 days+ X years ago


npm install time-ago-pipe --save


It can be imported into your angular project, as you would for any other library.

In the @NgModule you want to use it in

import {TimeAgoPipe} from 'time-ago-pipe';

add "TimeAgoPipe" to your declarations

	imports: [... etc ...],
	declarations: [..., TimeAgoPipe, ... ]

In your component templates you can just do:

<span>{{your_date | timeAgo}}</span>

where "your_date" is a local date string, which could be parsed by the standard Js Date()

If this value is null or not parsable as a date, then the pipe will display nothing

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