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A React-Redux boilerplate for enterprise web applications.

Before you start with this boilerplate, please take a few minutes to read this article and see if you really need this or you may want to try another option.


This repo is the minimal and extendable setup to start a new enterprise large-scaled project based on React & Redux & RxJS.

  • babel: to transpile our ES6-7 code ES5
  • enzyme: as our test util
  • esdoc: to generate docs
  • eslint: to have linting utility over our code
  • jest: as our test framework
  • prettier: to apply linting to our code before commits
  • react: as our framework
  • react-redux: to handle data flow
  • react-router: to handle routing
  • react-router-redux: to handle routing
  • redux: to handle data flow
  • redux-observable: to handle async actions
  • redux-persist: to have persistent store
  • rxjs: to handle observable actions
  • styled-components: to style our project
  • webpack: as our module bundler

How to start?


  • To run the server you need to install http-server-spa as a global module, or you can implement your own server and point it to the public directory.
  • All modules used are the latest versions and are implemented according to their respective latest version docs. (as of Oct 2018)


  • yarn build to make a single production build
  • yarn dev to make a single development build
  • yarn docs to generate the docs
  • yarn lint to run the lint check
  • yarn start to start the server
  • yarn test to run the tests
  • yarn watch to start watching for file changes

Read On

To read more about this project and to get familiar with the structure and find out the logic behind it, check out the articles on Medium, Quora or LinkedIn


This project is licensed under the MIT License.

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