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🌟 Algorithmic Toolbox

This repository will contain my work from the Master Algorithmic Programming Techniques Specialization that was created by UC San Diego and delivered through Coursera. I will be implementing solutions in C++.

About This Specialization

The Specialization covers algorithmic techniques for solving problems arising in computer science applications. It is a mix of theory and practice: you will not only design algorithms and estimate their complexity, but you will get a deeper understanding of algorithms by implementing them in the programming language of your choice (C, C++, C#, Haskell, Java, JavaScript, Python2, Python3, Ruby, and Scala).

This Specialization is unique, because it offers two real-world projects. Advanced Shortest Paths project is offered in the end of the Algorithms on Graphs course. In this project, you'll deal with road network analysis and social network analysis. You'll learn how to compute the fastest route between New York and Mountain View thousands of times faster than classic algorithms and close to those used in Google Maps.

Through Genome Assembly culminating project at the end of the Specialization, you'll learn how to assemble genomes from millions of short pieces and how algorithms fuel recent developments in personalized medicine.

📝 Table of Content

💡📢 Go in Depth

I Have Added a New Part Go in Depth Which Will Contain The Course Covered Topics But With More Details ,And more Than One Method To Solve Each Problem

🎉🎈 Certification

coursera algorithmic toolbox certification-page-001


This software is licensed under MIT License, See License for more information ©AbdallahHemdan.

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