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SHOP UI React-Native Template with Native Base


A creative and modern clothes shopping app design for react-native using the native-base UI components. It works well with both IOS and Android.

Availables pages

This is the list of the availables pages with this source code:

Coming Soon

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Follow these steps to install and test the app:

git clone [email protected]:ATF19/react-native-shop-ui.git
cd react-native-shop-ui
npm install

For iOS users:

react-native run-ios

For Android users

react-native run-android

Download a demo

You can download the demo APK by Clicking here


Click here


Updating the codebase will require changes to the .js files in the src/ folder. Individual pages can be edited by editing the .js files in src/page/. Re-usable components can be edited by editing the .js files in src/component/.

To contribute your changes to the main repository, create a pull request from your fork here (click the compare across forks link make your repository the source repository)


If you have any problem you can contact me at: [email protected]

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