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Steel Crypt 3.0 (BETA)

A comprehensive library of high-level, cryptographic API's, either manually defined or pulled from PointyCastle. This library currently supports hashing, symmetric two-way encryption, and key/IV generation. It also has a CLI, for conducting basic cryptography operations.

This library is a high-level wrapper over It used to contain a fork of PointyCastle within it, but since the package came under the ownership of the BouncyCastle organization, the additions to the fork have been added upstream.

It takes time, effort, and mental power to keep this package updated, useful, and improving. If you used or are using the package, I'd appreciate it if you could spare a few dollars to help me continue development.


Null Safety

This library has been fully ported to null safety. The version 3.0.0 is identical functionally to 2.3.1+6, except for this porting process. There may be some slight variance in the interface, due to parameters becoming required where they were formerly "optional" named parameters.

Note: Documentation

These docs have not been fully written yet! Steel Crypt 3.X comes with major changes, and will have a static website on GitHub Pages for documentation. For now, you can take a look at the API reference for more information on the beta's classes. Each class has fairly extensive documentation.

Note: RSA Deprecation

As I looked at the package landscape on, it became clear to me that packages have become oversaturated, causing difficult decisions for independent developers. I fear contributing to this issue.

Additionally, I haven't studied asymmetric encryption; I don't feel comfortable working with it and don't think this package is adding much to the ecosystem as far as asymmetric encryption goes.

As of today, I will be deprecating RSA functionality in steel_crypt. It is clear to me that there are better packages for asymmetric encryption; I highly encourage affected users to check out The dev there actively works on supporting asymmetric operations, more than I ever could, and has a deeper scope of features than this package would have ever had.

Pub License Commits

©2021 Aditya Kishore
Licensed under the Mozilla Public License 2.0
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