a friendly data mocking service to generate random data in the required format, all written in basic javascript; exactly how beginners like.
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Project NameStarsDownloadsRepos Using ThisPackages Using ThisMost Recent CommitTotal ReleasesLatest ReleaseOpen IssuesLicenseLanguage
Faker230516 years ago9August 27, 20152apache-2.0Java
Provides fake data to your Android apps :)
Better Mock17114a month ago29October 31, 202314mitJavaScript
Forked from Mockjs, Generate random data & Intercept ajax request. Support miniprogram.
3 years ago3JavaScript
a friendly data mocking service to generate random data in the required format, all written in basic javascript; exactly how beginners like.
Faker2127 months ago25April 12, 20221apache-2.0Java
A Java library for generating fake data such as names, addresses, and phone numbers.
Spongemock12541a year ago8December 19, 2022mitPython
PyThOn bAsED cLi CoMmAnD aNd MOdULE FoR mOCkInG tExt LIkE sPoNgEbOb WOuLd
2 years ago53August 26, 20213mpl-2.0C#
A C# class library that handles mocking, test data generation, and validation.
6 years agomitApex
Swiss knife for unit testing in Apex
Node Dummy Api636 years ago14May 16, 20183mitJavaScript
The lightweight alternative to bulky APIs
Random Signal61816 years ago3March 14, 20141mitJavaScript
Generate a pseudo-random signal stream for mocking Sensor data
Avro Mocker6
6 years ago1otherJava
Generate mock data based on an Apache Avro schema and specific cardinality settings
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A handy data mocking api to generate data in given schema

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Ever wanted to get random data for that app you were building, say no more. Dolos, the god of deception and trickery is here for you.


To take part in the development of this project, refer the github projects board. We have setup beginner level issues, and labelled them as well ! Feel free to claim any issue (or open a new one) and contribute to the development of the project.


To setup project locally, fork the repository.

# install dependencies
npm install

# run the server
npm run start:dev


🐳 Run and develop through Docker (Optional)

The docker-compose.yml file contain:

  • phpMyAdmin: *For database manager.**
  • MySQL: The database itself
  • Dolos: The Dolos application
  • Portainer: To monitoring your container services, such as logs, restart and more.

For development, you can run the Dolos using Docker Compose by following this steps below:

  • Adjust .env with some dependencies variables.
  • Run docker-composer up -d for build all containers and prepare them to the first run.
  • Run docker-composer up and that's it, let's code!
  • If you want to stop, run docker-compose down

The IP address to use:

- phpMyAdmin:
- Dolos:
- Portainer:
  • To connect on Portainer, do the follow steps:
    1. You'll need to create a password for local admin account.
    2. Choose the option: "Docker manage the local Docker environment".
    3. Done, you're now able to manage the containers.


Readup the detailed plan of the project and how to contribute here.

Hackers !


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