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This repository was created to maintain a comprehensive list of textbooks and useful references for a Computer Science and Engineering Curriculum. In case you wish to contribute, please go through the contributing guidelines. The current default branch is dev whereas master will eventually contain a complete curriculum.

CS Curriculum Textbooks and References

Being an avid book reader, I have found it absurdly difficult to find a comprehensive list of textbooks to use for reference and/or self learning. I have, therefore, set out to create and share it for all who wish to find the same. I have also linked courses that I could find across the web so that one may find a relevant guide to the particular topic. All linked course pages often have one or more additional references should the reader wish to explore the topic in greater depth. This list is by no means comprehensive, though it is an eventual target. There are also video lectures of many courses which are better located at cs-video-courses.

Table of Contents

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