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Simple python client to upload files to the service


This is a simple client that just uploads or downloads a file to the service. It was written as part of writing a client that encrypts files prior to upload and decrypts on download, so I could work out any kinks in the uploading/downloading process.

Asciinema Demo



Its all stdlib except for the python-requests and python-clint libraries which can be installed via pip or your systems package manager or whatever. Alternatively, "pip install -r requirements.txt".


Licenced under the WTFPL


Beer can be sent to 16MtQtgCVgZvqXoYFzi1L85cKDQAxLGY4A :)


If it fucks up leave an issue in the tracker please.


If you can test this on Windows and OSX and leave feedback, that would be awesome. I only developed and tested this on Linux so far.

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