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Yarn ⭐38,020
📦🐈 Fast, reliable, and secure dependency management.
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Js Stack From Scratch ⭐18,235
🛠️⚡ Step-by-step tutorial to build a modern JavaScript stack.
Front End Guide ⭐12,832
📚 Study guide and introduction to the modern front end stack.
Verdaccio ⭐9,011
📦🔐A lightweight private npm proxy registry
Magic ⭐6,377
CSS3 Animations with special effects
Bigdata Notes ⭐5,956
大数据入门指南 ⭐️
Np ⭐5,007
A better `npm publish`
Webpacker ⭐4,624
Use Webpack to manage app-like JavaScript modules in Rails
Tsdx ⭐4,253
Zero-config CLI for TypeScript package development
Awesome Npm ⭐3,476
Awesome npm resources and tips
Express Mongoose Es6 Rest Api ⭐2,552
💥 A boilerplate application for building RESTful APIs Microservice in Node.js using express and mongoose in ES6 with code coverage and JsonWebToken Authentication
Berry ⭐1,878
📦🐈 The active development trunk for Yarn 2 ⚒
Bolt ⭐1,656
⚡️ Super-powered JavaScript project management
Xlearning ⭐1,609
AI on Hadoop
Wordless ⭐1,312
All the power of Pug, Sass, Coffeescript and WebPack in your WordPress theme. Stop writing themes like it's 1998.
Yalc ⭐1,139
Work with yarn/npm packages locally like a boss.
Emma Cli ⭐1,131
📦 Terminal assistant to find and install node packages.
Generator Rn Toolbox ⭐1,089
The React Native Generator to bootstrap your apps
Great Big Example Application ⭐833
A full-stack example app built with JHipster, Spring Boot, Kotlin, Angular 4, ngrx, and Webpack
Flask Bones ⭐743
An example of a large scale Flask application using blueprints and extensions.
Oao ⭐691
A Yarn-based, opinionated monorepo management tool
Lerna Yarn Workspaces Example ⭐653
How to build TypeScript mono-repo project with yarn and lerna
Webpack React Redux ⭐618
A boilerplate for playing around with react, redux and react-router with the help of webpack.
Slinky ⭐589
A light-weight, responsive, mobile-like navigation menu plugin
Vue Blog ⭐568
A single-user blog built with vue2, koa2 and mongodb which supports Server-Side Rendering
Retro Board ⭐485
Retrospective Board
Yarn Deduplicate ⭐474
Deduplication tool for yarn.lock files
Ambientum ⭐461
Docker native solution for running Laravel projects. From Development to Production
Npm Gui ⭐435
Graphic tool for managing javascript project dependencies - in a friendly way.
Zsh Yarn Autocompletions ⭐407
Zsh plugin for yarn autocompletions.
Magento2 Frontools ⭐401
Set of front-end tools for Magento 2 based on Gulp.js
Synp ⭐395
Convert yarn.lock to package-lock.json and vice versa
React Workspaces Playground ⭐392
⚛️ Zero Config Create-React-App Monorepos with Yarn Workspaces, Lerna and React Storybook.
Hyperstack ⭐379
Hyperstack ALPHA
Website ⭐353
Yarn package manager website
Npminstall ⭐343
Make `npm install` fast and easy.
Salus ⭐335
Security scanner coordinator
Bigdata Interview ⭐318
🎯 🌟[大数据面试题]分享自己在网络上收集的大数据相关的面试题以及自己的答案总结.目前包含Hadoop/Hive/Spark/Flink/Hbase/Kafka/Zookeeper框架的面试题知识总结
Mailgo ⭐309
💌 mailgo, a different mailto and another tel: more possibilities, less spam (WIP)
Lockfile Lint ⭐302
Lint an npm or yarn lockfile to analyze and detect security issues
Nin ⭐298
nin is ninjatool
Enterprise_gateway ⭐293
A lightweight, multi-tenant, scalable and secure gateway that enables Jupyter Notebooks to share resources across distributed clusters such as Apache Spark, Kubernetes and others.
Bower Away ⭐287
A tool for migrating away from Bower (to Yarn)
Neard ⭐274
🎲 Portable WAMP software stack
Vue.js Starter Template ⭐266
A starter template for Vue.js projects
Benchmarks Of Javascript Package Managers ⭐255
Benchmarks of JavaScript Package Managers
Simple React App ⭐252
Simple base app using react, react-router v4, hot-reload & sass.
Webpack Cdn Plugin ⭐246
A webpack plugin that use externals of CDN urls for production and local node_modules for development
Hare ⭐237
🐇 Application boilerplate based on Vue.js 2.x, Koa 2.x, Element-UI and Nuxt.js
Fish Nvm ⭐230
nvm wrapper for fish-shell
21 Points ⭐223
❤️ 21-Points Health is an app you can use to monitor your health.
Syncpack ⭐217
Manage multiple package.json files, such as in Lerna Monorepos and Yarn Workspaces
Monorepo Starter ⭐214
Monorepo starter project for Kotlin, Python, TypeScript x React
Ngx Smart Modal ⭐210
Modal/Dialog component crafted for Angular
Yvm ⭐209
🧶 Manage multiple versions of Yarn
Saltgui ⭐200
A web interface for managing SaltStack based infrastructure.
Gulp Scss Starter ⭐196
Frontend development with pleasure. SCSS version
Kyuubi ⭐194
Kyuubi is an enhanced editon of Apache Spark's primordial Thrift JDBC/ODBC Server.
Submarine ⭐193
Submarine is Cloud Native Machine Learning Platform.
My Wallet V3 Frontend ⭐184
Blockchain Web Wallet Frontend
Atom Autocomplete Module Import ⭐183
⚛️ Search & install npm packages from import/require statements.
Greenkeeper Lockfile ⭐180
🔒 Your lockfile, up to date, all the time
Yarn Completion ⭐180
Bash completion for Yarn
Script Progress ⭐175
Estimate script execution time
Gulp Webpack Starter ⭐170
Gulp Webpack Starter - fast static website builder. The starter uses gulp toolkit and webpack bundler. Download to get an awesome development experience!
Quickshare ⭐170
Quickshare is a succinct file sharing server.
Jquery.redirect ⭐168
jQuery Redirect Plugin
React Redux Styled Hot Universal ⭐149
react boilerplate used best practices and focus on performance
Yarnhook ⭐149
Run `yarn install`, `npm install` or `pnpm install` on git hooks automatically
Js Stack Boilerplate ⭐144
Final boilerplate code of the JavaScript Stack from Scratch tutorial –
Sass Recipes ⭐143
Sass things that I do all the time or should remember to do because googling tutorials gets old
Yerna ⭐139
A Lerna-like tool for managing Javascript monorepos using Yarn
Barebones ⭐130
A barebones boilerplate for getting started on a bespoke front end.
Express Webpack React Redux Typescript Boilerplate ⭐128
🎉 A full-stack boilerplate that using express with webpack, react and typescirpt!
Preact Minimal ⭐127
🚀 Minimal preact structure
Lrnwebcomponents ⭐121
@lrnwebcomponents Monorepo for NPM based element definitions
Vscode Deploy Reloaded ⭐118
Recoded version of Visual Studio Code extension 'vs-deploy', which provides commands to deploy files to one or more destinations.
Kymsu ⭐114
Keep Your macOs Stuff Updated (KYMSU)
Defu ⭐112
🇩 Recursively assign default properties. Lightweight and Fast!
Native Elements ⭐108
Native HTML Elements with CSS superpowers. 🕶
Teddy ⭐106
Spark Streaming监控平台,支持任务部署与告警、自启动
Conf ⭐104
Landing page for event React Conf Brazil
Cheat Sheets ⭐104
Cheat Sheets 🐭🤖👀
Tensorflowonyarn ⭐102
Support TensorFlow on YARN
React D3 Speedometer ⭐100
✨ ⚛️ React Speedometer component using d3.js 🌈 🎨
React Lineto ⭐95
Draw a line between two elements in React
Rocky ⭐95
React Over Crystal Kemal and Yarn
Hapi Starter Kit ⭐95
Hapi.js based REST boilerplate which uses latest ES7/ES8 features (async/await) with code coverage and follows best pratices
Molecule ⭐94
⚛️ – :atom: – ⚛️ Boilerplate for cross platform web/native react apps with electron.
Yarneditor ⭐94
A tool for writing interactive dialogue in games!
React Boilerplate ⭐89
This project is deprecated. Please use CRA instead.
Backport ⭐88
A CLI tool for automating the tedious process of backporting changes
Ci Yarn Upgrade ⭐85
Keep NPM dependencies up-to-date with CI, providing version-to-version diff for each library
Rails React Typescript Docker Example ⭐83
An example app built on Ruby on Rails 6.0.0 + React.js 16.10.2 + TypeScript 3.6.3 + Docker Compose
Cuesheet ⭐82
A framework for writing Spark 2.x applications in a pretty way
Flow Mono Cli ⭐82
A command line interface that aims to solve a few issues while working with flow typed codebases in a mono-repo.
Rails Webpacker ⭐79
Rails on webpack and yarn with new webpacker gem. Multiple examples using react, vue and angular
Hadoop Yarn Api Python Client ⭐74
Python client for Hadoop® YARN API
Docker Ruby Node ⭐74
🐳 Alpine Docker Image with latest versions of Ruby, Node.js and yarn installed. This Docker Image is actively maintained and updated regularly.
Have It ⭐74
The fastest NPM install does nothing because you already have it
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