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Leetcode 27,372
LeetCode Solutions: A Record of My Problem Solving Journey.( leetcode题解,记录自己的leetcode解题之路。)
Double Your Income By Passing Coding Interviews Sponsored
Top tech companies pay 2-3x as much as other companies. To pass their interviews, you need to study. Let a software engineer who hired thousands of engineers on Google's hiring committee teach you to solve problems you will face in real interviews, so you can get a job with life changing compensation.
Algorithms 16,806
Minimal examples of data structures and algorithms in Python
Gods 7,787
GoDS (Go Data Structures). Containers (Sets, Lists, Stacks, Maps, Trees), Sets (HashSet, TreeSet, LinkedHashSet), Lists (ArrayList, SinglyLinkedList, DoublyLinkedList), Stacks (LinkedListStack, ArrayStack), Maps (HashMap, TreeMap, HashBidiMap, TreeBidiMap, LinkedHashMap), Trees (RedBlackTree, AVLTree, BTree, BinaryHeap), Comparators, Iterators, Enumerables, Sort, JSON
G6 5,739
♾ A Graph Visualization Framework in JavaScript
Algorithms_and_data_structures 3,522
180+ Algorithm & Data Structure Problems using C++
Broot 3,518
A new way to see and navigate directory trees :
C Sharp Algorithms 3,311
📚 📈 Plug-and-play class-library project of standard Data Structures and Algorithms in C#
Algodeck 3,289
An Open-Source Collection of +200 Algorithmic Flash Cards to Help you Preparing your Algorithm & Data Structure Interview 💯
Java Algorithms Implementation 3,200
Algorithms and Data Structures implemented in Java
React Sortable Tree 3,093
Drag-and-drop sortable component for nested data and hierarchies
Sled 2,691
the champagne of beta embedded databases
Computer Science In Javascript 2,439
Computer science reimplemented in JavaScript
Ggeditor 2,191
A visual graph editor based on G6 and React
Javascript Datastructures Algorithms 2,155
📚 collection of JavaScript and TypeScript data structures and algorithms for education purposes. Source code bundle of JavaScript algorithms and data structures book
Fancytree 2,079
JavaScript tree view / tree grid plugin with support for keyboard, inline editing, filtering, checkboxes, drag'n'drop, and lazy loading
Heyui 2,003
🎉UI Toolkit for Web, Vue2.0
Orgchart 1,750
It's a simple and direct organization chart plugin. Anytime you want a tree-like chart, you can turn to OrgChart.
Lark 1,583
A modern parsing library for Python, implementing Earley & LALR(1) and an easy interface
Overvue 1,583
Prototyping Tool For Vue Devs 适用于Vue的原型工具
Ack2 1,528
**ack 2 is no longer being maintained. ack 3 is the latest version.**
Vue Treeselect 1,505
A multi-select component with nested options support for Vue.js
Slim 1,391
Surprisingly space efficient trie in Golang(11 bits/key; 100 ns/get).
Bplustree 1,362
A minimal but extreme fast B+ tree indexing structure demo for billions of key-value storage
Primereact 1,240
The Most Complete UI Component Library for React
Buckets Js 1,029
A complete, fully tested and documented data structure library written in pure JavaScript.
Dockviz 1,027
Visualizing Docker data
Jqtree 951
Tree widget for jQuery
Angular Tree Component 948
A simple yet powerful tree component for Angular (>=2)
React Native Pathjs Charts 885
Android and iOS charts based on react-native-svg and paths-js
Deepdiff 706
Deep Difference and search of any Python object/data.
React Ui Tree 678
React tree component with drag & drop
Vue.d3.tree 607
Vue component to display tree based on D3.js layout.
Algorithms And Coding Interviews 607
Open source content from a book in progress, Hands-on Algorithmic Problem Solving
Ascii_art 561
Real-Time ASCII Art Rendering Library
Nanomorph 560
🚅 - Hyper fast diffing algorithm for real DOM nodes
Kotlin 99 528
Ninety-Nine Problems in Kotlin
Learningmasteringalgorithms C 517
Mastering Algorithms with C 《算法精解:C语言描述》源码及Xcode工程、Linux工程
Project Explorer 478
🎋A CLI tool to create an annotated tree visualization of any project
React Redux Grid 451
A React Grid/Tree Component written in the Redux Pattern
Bosket 451
Collection of tree view components for front-end frameworks. 🌳
Ngx Ui 450
🚀 Style and Component Library for Angular
Modiscript 447
Acche din aa gaye
Tree 430
A basic but flexible tree data structure for php and a fluent tree builder implementation.
Vue Org Tree 429
A simple organization tree based on Vue2.x
Treelib 420
An efficient implementation of tree data structure in python 2/3.
Inspire Tree 394
Inspired Javascript Tree
Gijgo 377
Gijgo - Free Javascript Controls
React Checkbox Tree 376
A simple and elegant checkbox tree for React.
Vue Jstree 376
A Tree Plugin For Vue2.0+
Datastructure 372
React D3 Tree 366
🌳 React component to create interactive D3 tree graphs
Vue Drag Tree Table 358
vue 可以拖拽排序的树形表格
Notebook 357
my notebook 📒
Vue Json Tree View 353
A JSON Tree View Component for Vue.js
Tree Grid Directive 351
Need one or more maintainer for this! comment or email me if you are interested
Algorithms 351
CLRS study. Codes are written with golang.
Ng2 Tree 340
Angular tree component
Tree Gen 330
Procedural generation of tree models in blender
Vue Json Pretty 297
A JSON tree view component that is easy to use and also supports data selection.
Rubytree 293
A General Purpose Tree Data Structure for Ruby
Liquor Tree 292
Tree component based on Vue.js
Vue Drag Tree 290
🌴🌳a Vue's drag and drop tree component || 🌾Demo
Data Structures 282
Go datastructures.
Ngx Treeview 273
An Angular treeview component with checkbox
Node Dependency Tree 269
Get the dependency tree of a module
Tree Transfer 255
A tree shaped shuttle box assembly based on Vue and element-ui. 一个基于vue和element-ui的树形穿梭框及邮件通讯录。 Vuecli3版本见 示例见->
Thinkmap 233
draw a tree in Android
Wmderland 230
🌳 X11 tiling window manager using space partitioning trees
React Virtualized Tree 226
A virtualized tree view component making use of react
Libdict 212
C library of key-value data structures.
Scikit Garden 212
A garden for scikit-learn compatible trees
Vue Tree Chart 212
A vue2 component to display tree chart
Element Tree Grid 210
tree grid extends element ui with vue
Data Structures Algorithms 205
My implementation of 85+ popular data structures and algorithms and interview questions in Python 3 and C++
Redis Ui 193
📡 P3X Redis UI can work with huge key sets, is functional and works on the web and desktop (Electron)
React Dropdown Tree Select 192
Lightweight, accessible, customizable and fast Dropdown Tree Select component for React
Coc Explorer 186
📁 Explorer for coc.nvim
Merkletree 180
A Merkle Tree implementation written in Go.
Outwiker 177
Сross-platform software for keeping your notes in a tree
Vuejs Tree 169
A highly customizable and blazing fast Vue tree component ⚡🌲
Bandersnatch 169
💻 Interactive Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Paths Website 🎥
Domhandler 168
htmlparser2's dom as a separate module
Fern.vim 159
🌿 General purpose asynchrnonous tree viewer written in Pure Vim script
Treeify 156
Pretty-print a javascript object as a tree
Vue Directory Tree 153
A visualization of relevant files for vue repo, along with notes
Mlib 150
Library of generic and type safe containers in pure C language (C99 or C11) for a wide collection of container (comparable to the C++ STL).
Relation Classification Using Bidirectional Lstm Tree 145
TensorFlow Implementation of the paper "End-to-End Relation Extraction using LSTMs on Sequences and Tree Structures" and "Classifying Relations via Long Short Term Memory Networks along Shortest Dependency Paths" for classifying relations
Angular Tree Dnd 144
Display tree table (or list) & event Drap & Drop (allow drag multi tree-table include all type: table, ol, ul) by AngularJS
Vue Tree 142
vue element-ui tree component expand
Rrcf 141
🌲 Implementation of the Robust Random Cut Forest algorithm for anomaly detection on streams
Fast 140
Find in AST - Search and refactor code directly in Abstract Syntax Tree as you do with grep for strings
Three Mesh Bvh 136
A BVH implementation to speed up raycasting against three.js meshes.
Merkle Tree 130
Merkle Trees and Merkle Inclusion Proofs
Java Ds Algorithms 121
Data Structures and Algorithms in Java
Vue Ui For Pc 118
基于Vue2.x的一套PC端UI组件,包括了Carousel 跑马灯、Cascader 级联、Checkbox 多选框、Collapse 折叠面板、DatePicker 日期选择、Dialog 对话框、Form 表单、Input 输入框、InputNumber 数字输入框、Layer 弹窗层、Loading 加载、Menu 菜单、Page 分页、Progress 进度条、Radio 单选框、SelectDropDown 仿select、Switch 开关、Table 表格、Tabs 标签页、Textarea 文本框、Tooltip 文字提示、BackTop 返回顶部、steps 步骤条、Transfer 穿梭框、Tree 树形、Upload 文件上传、Lazy 图片懒加载、Loading 加载、Pagination 分页等等
Merkle 117
Node.js module implementing Merkle tree algorithm
Libvot 117
A C++11 multithread library for image retrieval
Json To Ast 115
JSON AST parser
Data Structures With Go 113
Data Structures with Go Language
Syro 112
Simple router for web applications
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