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The Top 72 Touch Open Source Projects

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Swiper 22,856
Most modern mobile touch slider with hardware accelerated transitions
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Framework7 15,227
Full featured HTML framework for building iOS & Android apps
Interact.js 9,156
JavaScript drag and drop, resizing and multi-touch gestures with inertia and snapping for modern browsers (and also IE9+)
Mars 8,627
腾讯移动 Web 前端知识库
Fancybox 6,602
jQuery lightbox script for displaying images, videos and more. Touch enabled, responsive and fully customizable.
Alloyfinger 2,980
Super tiny size multi-touch gestures library for the web.    You can touch this →
Phytouch 2,639
Smooth scrolling, rotation, pull to refresh, page transition and any motion for the web - 丝般顺滑的触摸运动方案
Slip 2,366
Slip.js — UI library for manipulating lists via swipe and drag gestures
Swip 2,123
a library to create multi device experiments
Slider 1,990
Touch swipe image slider/slideshow/gallery/carousel/banner mobile responsive bootstrap
Zingtouch 1,892
A JavaScript touch gesture detection library for the modern web
Mtmr 1,838
🌟 [My TouchBar My rules]. The Touch Bar Customisation App for your MacBook Pro
Layerjs 1,783
layerJS: Javascript UI composition framework
Vmtouch 1,187
Portable file system cache diagnostics and control
React Swipeable 1,080
React swipe event handler component & hook
Indoorsurfaceview 940
Android InDoorView dependent on Canvas
Xjychart 818
iOS Chart. Support animation, click, scroll, area highlight.
Inputsystem 783
An efficient and versatile input system for Unity.
Android 3d Model Viewer 603
Android app to load 3D models using pure OpenGL ES 2.0. Published on Play Store
React Native Sketch 575
🎨 A React Native <Sketch /> component for touch-based drawing.
React Native Fingerprint Scanner 562
Provide Fingerprint, Touch ID, and Face ID Scanner for React Native (Compatible with both Android and iOS)
Tap 539
1Kb library for easy unified handling of user interactions such as mouse, touch and pointer events.
Trip 536
React Fastclick 465
Fast Touch Events for React
Pull To Reload 398
Pull to reload implementation for the web. Designed to work with both mobile and websites.
Vue Touch Ripple 391
👆 Touch ripple component for @vuejs
Haptico 380
Haptico 📳 - easy to use haptic feedback generator with pattern-play support
Widgetcase 378
Creepyface 376
A Javascript library that makes your face follow the pointer. 🤪🖱️👆
Notebook 358
my notebook 📒
Arduinomenu 354
Arduino generic menu/interactivity system
React Native Swipe Gestures 347
4-directional swipe gestures for react-native
Vue Gallery 343
📷 Responsive and customizable image and video gallery, carousel and lightbox, optimized for both mobile and desktop web browsers.
Pixi Viewport 342
A highly configurable viewport/2D camera designed to work with pixi.js
Embla Carousel 319
🍀 Extensible bare bones carousels for the web
Guislice 289
GUIslice drag & drop embedded GUI in C for touchscreen TFT on Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ARM, ESP8266 / ESP32 / M5stack using Adafruit-GFX / TFT_eSPI / UTFT / SDL
Any Touch 287
👋 手势库, 2kb~5kb, 支持PC / 手机 / 微信端.
React Event Components 272
🛰 A set of React components designed to handle global events (interval, keyboard, touch, mouse, etc)
Hover On Touch 247
A pure Javascript Plugin for an alternative hover function that works on mobile and desktop devices. It triggers a hover css class on »Taphold« and goes to a possible link on »Tap«. It works with all html elements.
Croppr.js 229
A vanilla JavaScript image cropper that's lightweight, awesome, and has absolutely zero dependencies.
Vue Touch Keyboard 218
Virtual keyboard component for Vue.js 2.x. Designed to Raspberry Pi Touch Display
Toucheventbus 208
Hovertouchview 192
Stimulate Apple's Force Touch or 3D Touch on Android App with Hover Gesture
Clock Bar 172
Macbook | Clock, right on the touch bar
Tdtouchid 171
Pull Element 168
Lightweight, high-performance and smooth pull element effect that support all directions
Egjs View360 139
360 integrated viewing solution
Toucheffects 128
Android View点击特效TouchEffects,几行代码为所有控件添加点击效果
Propose 124
Android Motion Library
Explorer Hat 120
Python library for Explorer HAT
React Cursor Position 120
A React component that decorates its children with mouse and touch coordinates relative to itself.
Zoom 115
Javascript library to do pinch zoom that preserves scale and rotation correctly.
React Drag Drawer 112
A responsive mobile drawer that is draggable on mobile, and falls back to a modal on desktop
Vue Dialog Drag 110
Simple vue draggable dialog
Pocketbook Coolreader 101
Alternative reading application for the PocketBook eReaders based on Linux.
React Native Sketch View 98
A React Native component for touch based drawing supporting iOS and Android.
Vuetify Swipeout 97
👆 A swipe out example built with Vue CLI 3 + Vuetify + Swiper.
React Rotation 94
React rotation component
Touchbarpong 94
And amazing new way of playing pong the touch bar of the new MacBook pro
Easybutton 94
Arduino library to debounce buttons, detect presses, releases, long presses and sequences
Touch Bar Istats 93
Show CPU/GPU/MEM temperature on Touch Bar with BetterTouchTool!
React Responsive Select 87
A customisable, touchable, React select / multi-select form control. Built with keyboard and screen reader accessibility in mind
React Easy Swipe 73
Easy handler for common swipe operations
React Gesture Responder 63
a gesture responder system for your react application
Keyboardhidemanager 55
Codeless manager to hide keyboard by tapping on views for iOS written in Swift
Swipe Listener 50
Zero-dependency, minimal swipe-gesture listener for the web.
Touchkit 40
Range Slider 35
The simplest JavaScript custom range slider ever!
Chrome Virtual Keyboard 31
Touch-friendly Virtual Keyboard for Chrome browser
Angular2 Carousel 27
An lightweight , touchable and responsive library to create a carousel for angular 2 / 4 / 5
System Alert Window Example 26
Example project showing use of SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW permission on Android 23+, with back button interception.
Hammer Slider 20
DISCONTINUED - HammerSlider touch is a lightweight infinite carousel plugin.
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