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The Top 30 Sharding Open Source Projects

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Elastic Job Lite 5,639
Elastic-Job is a distributed scheduled job framework, based on Quartz and Zookeeper.
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Citus 4,008
Scalable PostgreSQL for multi-tenant and real-time analytics workloads
Octopus 2,427
Database Sharding for ActiveRecord
Lealone 1,364
Cetus 1,071
Mango 875
Distributed ORM Framework for Java
Dble 583
A High Scalability Middle-ware for MySQL Sharding
Sharding 461
Sharding manager contract, and related software and tests
Weaver 445
An Advanced HTTP Reverse Proxy with Dynamic Sharding Strategies
Lighthouse 415
Rust Ethereum 2.0 Client
Harmony 263
The core protocol of harmony
Shards 253
Transparent and out-of-box Sharding support for Erlang/Elixir ETS tables!
Lodestar 216
🌟 Ethereum 2.0: TypeScript Implementation of the Beacon Chain
Elastic Job Cloud 211
Activerecord Turntable 207
ActiveRecord Sharding Plugin
Pyquarkchain 189
Python implementation of QuarkChain
Redis Resharding Proxy 169
Redis Resharding Proxy
Sharding Method 166
Rekord 162
A javascript REST ORM that is offline and real-time capable
Django Sharding 149
A sharding library for Django
Star Zone 147
Ton 141
Telegram Open Network research group. Telegram:
Libring 139
A fast consistent hash ring implementation in Elixir
Mongo Cluster Docker 133
Docker compose config for mongodb cluster
Kahip 119
The graph partitioning framework KaHIP -- Karlsruhe High Quality Partitioning.
Mosaic Contracts 116
Mosaic-0: Gateways and anchors on top of Ethereum to scale DApps
Redis Tools 104
my tools working with redis
Mixed_gauge 56
A simple and robust database sharding with ActiveRecord.
Dble Docs Cn 56
Documents for dble in Chinese
Zanredisdb 53
Yet another distributed kvstore support redis data and index. moved to:
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