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Rxjava Android Samples ⭐7,181
Learning RxJava for Android by example
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Rxjava2 Android Samples ⭐4,706
RxJava 2 Android Examples - Migration From RxJava 1 to RxJava 2 - How to use RxJava 2 in Android
Golang Samples ⭐1,919
Sample apps and code written for Google Cloud in the Go programming language.
Nodejs Docs Samples ⭐1,796
Node.js samples for Google Cloud Platform products.
Kotlin Fullstack Sample ⭐1,117
Kotlin Full-stack Application Example
Platform Samples ⭐1,077
A public place for all platform sample projects.
Golang Gin Realworld Example App ⭐1,044
Exemplary real world application built with Golang + Gin
Android Kotlin Clean Architecture ⭐1,004
Android Sample Clean Architecture App written in Kotlin
Viewtooltip ⭐961
A fluent tooltip for Android
Rxjavasample ⭐824
RxJava Sample
Scala Pet Store ⭐702
An implementation of the java pet store using FP techniques in scala
Kotlin Sample App ⭐582
📚 Android Sample App using modular, clean, scalable, testable Architecture written in Kotlin following the best practices with Jetpack.
Tutoshowcase ⭐494
A simple and Elegant Showcase view for Android
Swiftui 2048 ⭐450
A 2048 game writing with SwiftUI.
Androidwithkotlin ⭐415
🚀 These are android sample projects which are written in Kotlin. It covers video streaming, mp3 player, sqlite, location services, custom camera, o-notifications, simple compass etc.
Vokuro ⭐341
Sample application for Phalcon Framework (Acl, Auth, Security)
Handyswift ⭐338
Handy Swift features that didn't make it into the Swift standard library.
Kotlin Mvp Example ⭐331
A small client server app on Kotlin that is using MVP architecture
Basic Microservice Example ⭐318
Simple sketch of how we layout a clojure microservice
Google Photos ⭐281
Samples for the Google Photos Library API 📸
Android Samples ⭐261
Sample Android code for the tutorials.
Flutter Layouts Exampls ⭐259
Layout of the flutter example.such as Row,Comlun,listview,Just for learning.
Cognitive Face Android ⭐257
Cognitive Services Face client library for Android.
Sample Programs ⭐252
Sample Programs in Every Programming Language
Play Scala Starter Example ⭐240
Play Scala Starter Template (ideal for new users!)
Umi Examples ⭐237
examples for umi.js
Arkit2.0 Prototype ⭐219
After Apple’s introduction of ARKit 2, we have been consistently working behind to create shared-AR experiences. Our goal is to improve the utility of mobile using AR experiences.
Cognitive Face Python ⭐216
Python SDK for the Microsoft Face API, part of Cognitive Services
Play Samples ⭐204
Play Scala Websocket Example ⭐197
Example Play Scala application showing WebSocket use with Akka actors
Daggerandroidinjector ⭐197
Dagger Sample Project on how to use the new dagger-android module for Dagger v2.11
Cognitive Face Ios ⭐185
iOS SDK for the Microsoft Face API, part of Cognitive Services
Peachpie Wordpress ⭐175
WordPress running on .NET Core.
Spring Framework Petclinic ⭐172
A Spring Framework application based on JSP, Spring MVC, Spring Data JPA, Hibernate and JDBC
Reactnativeuniversal ⭐172
A demonstration of sharing javascript react-native code between mobile, desktop and web environments
Play Java Starter Example ⭐167
Play starter project in Java (ideal for new users!)
Cognitive Face Windows ⭐166
Windows SDK for the Microsoft Face API, part of Cognitive Services
Cpp Awesome Pack ⭐160
Awesome Sample Pack of C/C++ Codes
Play Scala Isolated Slick Example ⭐159
Example Play Slick Project
Spring Petclinic Rest ⭐157
REST version of the Spring Petclinic sample application
Workoutwotch ⭐154
Repository for my video series on building an iOS app in .NET.
Randomdata ⭐154
Random data generator
Openui5 Sample App ⭐148
OpenUI5 Sample App
Mvvmrxjavaretrofitsample ⭐140
MVVM RxJava Retrofit Sample
Android Mvp Basic Sample ⭐135
Android MVP Basic Sample
Ddanimatedswitch ⭐119
👍🏼 Awesome animated switch
Unitymathreference ⭐117
Math reference for games and more. All visualized in Unity3D.
Fluttergames ⭐117
Flutter app for purchasing and renting games.
Mq Docker ⭐116
[DEPRECATED] Sample Docker image for IBM® MQ
Machine Learning Diff Private Federated Learning ⭐115
Simulate a federated setting and run differentially private federated learning.
Spring Petclinic Angular ⭐112
Angular 8 version of the Spring Petclinic sample application (frontend)
Android Youtubemp3 ⭐112
Download videos as mp3 directly from Youtube Android App
Playground ⭐106
Flutter_app_sample ⭐98
Pyentropy ⭐96
Entropy for Python
Play Java Websocket Example ⭐88
Example Play Java application showing Websocket usage with Akka actors
Go Shopping ⭐88
A sample suite of services built on the go-micro framework
Ios11 Pdfkit Example ⭐87
Sample code for PDFKit on iOS 11.
Kotlin Mpp Standard ⭐87
A standard setup for Kotlin multiplatform projects.
Fable Elmish Electron Material Ui Demo ⭐83
Complete boilerplate for Electron apps using Fable and Elmish with hot module reloading, time-travel debugging, etc.
Go Project Sample ⭐82
Introduce the best practice experience of Go project with a complete project example.通过一个完整的项目示例介绍Go语言项目的最佳实践经验.
Uikit Playground ⭐77
Blog posts about things I learned over the years working with UIKit and accompanying sample code.
Get Started Python ⭐76
A Python application and tutorial that use Flask framework to provide a REST API to receive requests from the UI. The API then persists the data to a Cloudant database.
Cordova Plugin Camera Preview Sample App ⭐75
cordova-plugin-camera-preview Sample App
Hana Xsa Opensap Hana7 ⭐75
openSAP HANA7 Course Exercise Materials - Software Development on SAP HANA (Update Q1/2019)
Live Wallpaper ⭐73
A live wallpaper demo - use GLWallpaperService
Simple Mvp Retrofit Example ⭐69
A simple example of a project using MVP architecture and Retrofit 2.0 library for Android for beginners.
Boot Spring Boot ⭐69
'Boot Spring Boot: 스프링 부트 시작하기' 예제
Hid Examples ⭐66
Examples to accompany the book "Haskell in Depth"
Sample Spring Boot Javafx ⭐58
Рыба Spring Boot + JavaFX
Databindingexample ⭐58
Sample project for the blogpost
Play Scala Slick Example ⭐58
Example Play Scala project with Slick
Ddd Symfony Sample ⭐57
A symfony sample application using DDD
Lofocats_ui ⭐54
LofoCats UI is a simple web application consuming the LofoCats API, built with Ruby on Rails 🐱
Multi Device Runner ⭐48
A sample of running Airtest on multiple devices
Swiftysampleproject ⭐47
A starter project for Sample Project in swift 3.0/4.0 (also bridging header included so you could use objective c code in it as well ). For objectiveC version : > Supports iOS 8.4+ > Swift 4.x
Toolbaritembadgesample ⭐46
Sample shows how to add a badge to ToolBarItems in Xamarin Forms for iOS and Android
Samples ⭐45
Code snippets and samples to demonstrate how to get the most out of the Box platform & API
Viewmodel Firebase Sample ⭐44
Simple sample project using ViewModel and Firebase Database
Openui5 Pwa Sample ⭐37
How to build a Progressive Web App with OpenUI5
Ci Samples ⭐36
Sample configurations for various CI systems.
Aspnetcore Tests Sample ⭐36
A project to help demonstrate how to do unit, integration and acceptance tests with an web api project using ASP.NET Core and Angular 7 front end.
Hana Native Adapters ⭐26
Since SPS09 Hana supports writing new adapters for Smart Data Access, Batch Data Loading, ETL, Realtime Replication and Realtime Transformations. While common adapters are provided by SAP, everyone can write own adapters using the Hana Adapter SDK. This github project aims to provide additional adapters for using them or as samples. Feel free to add your own.
React Firebase ⭐24
🔥 Sample React + Firebase setup
Metrica Sample Dotnet ⭐11
Yandex AppMetrica SDK Sample for Windows
Kotlinsample Mvp ⭐11
Sample Kotlin project with MVP implementation
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