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The Top 17 Radio Buttons Open Source Projects

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Pretty Checkbox 1,413
A pure CSS library to beautify checkbox and radio buttons.
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Dlradiobutton 821
Radio Button for iOS
React Native Radio Buttons 414
[DEPRECATED] A Radio-button like logic wrapper for React Native
Segmentedbutton 318
Segmented Control with animation for Android API 12+
Quicktableviewcontroller 311
A simple way to create a UITableView for settings in Swift.
Togglebuttongroup 282
A group of flowable toggle buttons, with multiple / single selection support and button customization.
Xamarin.forms.inputkit 275
CheckBox, Radio Button, Labeled Slider, Dropdowns etc.
Lthradiobutton 267
A radio button with a pretty animation
Radiorealbutton 221
A custom radio button for Android API 12+
Pretty Checkbox Vue 209
Quickly integrate pretty checkbox components with Vue.js
Tristatetogglebutton 188
Customizable tri-state toggle button (with three states, three state toggle) for Android
React Native Flexi Radio Button 143
Simple and flexible Radio button for React Native App
Radio Group 122
845 byte WAI-ARIA 1.1 compliant radio group React component
Multipicker 89
Form styling plugin for jQuery
Magic Input 76
CSS3 Styles for Checkbox and Radio Button inputs look prettier. with only one element.
Radiogroup 57
The missing iOS radio buttons group.
Form Js 9
Easily create web forms. Supports Meteor, AngularJS, React, Polymer and any CSS library, e.g. Bootstrap.
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