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Tocropviewcontroller ⭐3,320
A view controller for iOS that allows users to crop portions of UIImage objects
Xhlaunchad ⭐3,151
🔥The screen opening advertising solutions - 开屏广告、启动广告解决方案-支持静态/动态图片广告,mp4视频广告,全屏/半屏广告、兼容iPhone/iPad.
Podsupdater ⭐496
A macOS app which helps you manage dependency releases in your Podfile.
Badgehub ⭐461
A way to quickly add a notification badge icon to any view. Make any UIView a full fledged animated notification center.
Uitextfield Navigation ⭐406
🏄‍♂️ UITextField-Navigation makes it easier to navigate between UITextFields and UITextViews
Scrollabledatepicker ⭐308
Yet another datepicker for iOS
Iosdropdown ⭐260
Drop Down Menu for iOS With Search And Other Awesome Customisation
Criollo ⭐196
A powerful Cocoa based web application framework for macOS, iOS and tvOS.
Iosdebugdatabase ⭐152
make it easy to debug databases in iOS applications iOS debug database
Switch ⭐120
💊 An iOS switch control implemented in Swift with full Interface Builder support
Cocoapods Tips ⭐86
iOS 라이브러리를 관리하는 CocoaPods Tip정보 모음입니다.
Cardviewlist ⭐26
An elegant and responsive CardView like Android on iOS with Swift. Available horizontal and vertical scrolling with full animations and customizable.
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