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The Top 50 Otp Open Source Projects

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Andotp 1,855
Open source two-factor authentication for Android
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Freeradius Server 1,166
FreeRADIUS - A multi-protocol policy server.
Lager 1,024
A logging framework for Erlang/OTP
Office Tool 987
Office Tool Projects
Elixirbooks 892
List of Elixir books
Privacyidea 759
🔐 multi factor authentication system (2FA, MFA, OTP Server)
Otphp 697
🔐 A PHP library for generating one time passwords according to RFC 4226 (HOTP) and the RFC 6238 (TOTP)
Aegis 661
A free, secure and open source app for Android to manage your 2-step verification tokens.
Authenticator 611
Authenticator generates 2-Step Verification codes in your browser.
Pinview 607
A pinview library for android. ✨
Hedwig 567
An Adapter-based Bot Framework for Elixir Applications
Otplib 563
🔑 One Time Password (OTP) / 2FA for Node.js and Browser - Supports HOTP, TOTP and Google Authenticator
Memento 524
Simple + Powerful interface to the Mnesia Distributed Database 💾
Elixir Boilerplate 382
⚗ The stable base upon which we build our Elixir projects at Mirego.
Freeipa 378
Mirror of FreeIPA, an integrated security information management solution
The Little Elixir Otp Guidebook Code 324
Code examples for The Little Elixir & OTP Guidebook
Android Otpview Pinview 278
A custom view to enter otp of different sizes used usually in cases of authentication. 273
A .NET implementation of TOTP and HOTP for things like two-factor authentication codes.
Ex_rated 267
ExRated, the Elixir OTP GenServer with the naughty name that allows you to rate-limit calls to any service that requires it.
Yubikey Manager 259
Python library and command line tool for configuring any YubiKey over all USB interfaces.
Concuerror 242
Concuerror is a stateless model checking tool for Erlang programs.
Libreoffice Impress Templates 192
Freely-licensed LibreOffice Impress templates
Go Otp 189
Package go-otp implements one-time-password generators used in 2-factor authentication systems like RSA-tokens. Currently this supports both HOTP (RFC-4226), TOTP (RFC-6238) and Base32 encoding (RFC-3548) for Google Authenticator compatibility
Onetimepassword 186
🔑 A small library for generating TOTP and HOTP one-time passwords on iOS.
Otp_cheatsheet 180
Base OTP behaviors presented as schemas
Nitrokey App 170
Nitrokey's Application (Win, Linux, Mac)
Glewlwyd 170
Single Sign On server, OAuth2, Openid Connect, multiple factor authentication with, HOTP/TOTP, FIDO2, TLS Certificates, etc. extensible via plugins
Twofactor_totp 155
🔑 Second factor TOTP (RFC 6238) provider for Nextcloud
Immortal 151
Helper modules for OTP applications
Cuneiform 149
Cuneiform distributed programming language
Svpinview 135
SVPinView is a light-weight customisable library used for accepting pin numbers or one-time passwords.
Gotp 135
Golang OTP(One-Time Password) Library.
Authorizer 130
Authorizer is a Password Manager for Android. It emulates an HID keyboard over USB and enters your credentials on your target device. Additionally it supports OTP 🔑📴
Multiotp 123
multiOTP open source strong two factor authentication PHP library, OATH certified, with TOTP, HOTP, Mobile-OTP, YubiKey, SMS, QRcode provisioning, etc.
Yubikey Manager Qt 113
Cross-platform application for configuring any YubiKey over all USB interfaces.
Ergonode 106
Implementation of Erlang/OTP in Golang
React Native Sms Retriever 100
Android SMS Retriever API for React Native.
Exnn 89
An Elixir Evolutive Neural Network framework à la G.Sher
Gen_rmq 87
Elixir AMQP consumer and publisher behaviours
Otpview 87
A custom view to enter otp/pin of different sizes used usually in cases of authentication.
Exrm_deb 74
Create a deb for your elixir release with ease
Memento 73
Collect saved items from different sources around the web
Ticker Elixir 68
Elixir OTP Stock Quotes App (IEX Group) | Current Branch: elixir_1.8_iex
Otpauth 65
One Time Password (HOTP/TOTP) library for Node.js and browser.
Totp Cli 57
A cli-based pass-backed TOTP app
Mnesiac 53
Mnesia autoclustering made easy!
Login_otp 41
OTP authentication for OpenBSD implementing RFC 6238 and RFC 4226.
Whatsup 38
**Deprecated** Real time chat app written in Swift 4 using Firebase and OTP Authentication
Pigame 20
**pigame** is a game server template for Erlang.
Loader 6
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