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Meteor ⭐41,460
Meteor, the JavaScript App Platform
Yarn ⭐37,429
📦🐈 Fast, reliable, and secure dependency management.
Nodebestpractices ⭐36,479
✅ The largest Node.js best practices list (November 2019)
Lerna ⭐20,205
🐉 A tool for managing JavaScript projects with multiple packages.
Verdaccio ⭐8,410
📦🔐A lightweight private npm proxy registry
Pnpm ⭐6,697
📦🚀 Fast, disk space efficient package manager
Magic ⭐6,165
CSS3 Animations with special effects
Np ⭐4,833
A better `npm publish`
Awesome Npm ⭐3,407
Awesome npm resources and tips
Tsdx ⭐3,381
Zero-config CLI for TypeScript package development
Npm Run All ⭐3,105
A CLI tool to run multiple npm-scripts in parallel or sequential.
Eslint Plugin Vue ⭐2,846
Official ESLint plugin for Vue.js
Jsdelivr ⭐2,843
A free, fast, and reliable Open Source CDN for npm and GitHub ⭐2,717
Private npm registry and web for Enterprise
Windows Build Tools ⭐2,678
📦 Install C++ Build Tools for Windows using npm
Thanks ⭐2,663
🙌 Give thanks to the open source maintainers you depend on! ✨
Npx ⭐2,635
execute npm package binaries (moved)
Release It ⭐2,622
🚀 Automate versioning and package publishing
Cli ⭐2,499
the package manager for JavaScript
Release ⭐2,497
Generate changelogs with a single command
Renovate ⭐2,335
Universal dependency update tool that fits into your workflows.
Wasm Pack ⭐2,198
📦✨ your favorite rust -> wasm workflow tool!
Apify Js ⭐2,097
Apify SDK — The scalable web crawling and scraping library for JavaScript/Node.js. Enables development of data extraction and web automation jobs (not only) with headless Chrome and Puppeteer.
Tink ⭐2,085
a dependency unwinder for javascript
Reactopt ⭐1,968
A CLI React performance optimization tool that identifies potential unnecessary re-rendering
Npm Windows Upgrade ⭐1,933
🚀 Upgrade npm on Windows
Npkill ⭐1,872
List any node_modules directories in your system, as well as the space they take up. You can then select which ones you want to erase to free up space.
Ifvisible.js ⭐1,758
Crossbrowser & lightweight way to check if user is looking at the page or interacting with it.
Ndm ⭐1,720
💻 npm desktop manager
Nrm ⭐1,645
NPM registry manager, fast switch between different registries: npm, cnpm, nj, taobao
Lite Server ⭐1,585
Lightweight node server
Bolt ⭐1,563
⚡️ Super-powered JavaScript project management
Greenkeeper ⭐1,498
🤖 🌴 Real-time automated dependency updates for npm and GitHub
Reactn ⭐1,494
React, but with built-in global state management.
Darkmode.js ⭐1,440
🌓 Add a dark-mode / night-mode to your website in a few seconds
100 Days Of Code Frontend ⭐1,383
Curriculum for learning front-end development during #100DaysOfCode.
Ungrid ⭐1,289
ungrid - the simplest responsive css grid
Awesome Awesome Nodejs ⭐1,259
🐢🚀 An Awesome list of Awesome lists related to Node.js.
Notes ⭐1,230
Some public notes
Npm Expansions ⭐1,201
Send us a pull request by editing expansions.txt
Node Docker Good Defaults ⭐1,178
sample node app for Docker examples
Rsmq ⭐1,177
Redis Simple Message Queue
Nps ⭐1,164
NPM Package Scripts -- All the benefits of npm scripts without the cost of a bloated package.json and limits of json
Emma Cli ⭐1,116
📦 Terminal assistant to find and install node packages.
Yalc ⭐998
Work with yarn/npm packages locally like a boss.
Vue Admin ⭐998
基于Vue2、element ui、vue-cli、vuex、vue-router、axios 、echarts后台管理系统demo. 权限管理,用户管理,菜单管理。无限级菜单,下拉树形选择框
Local Npm ⭐973
Local and offline-first npm mirror
How To Npm ⭐967
A module to teach you how to module.
Postcss Import ⭐902
PostCSS plugin to inline @import rules content
Npm Build Boilerplate ⭐878
A collection of packages that build a website using npm scripts.
Composer Asset Plugin ⭐873
NPM/Bower Dependency Manager for Composer
Packagephobia ⭐826
⚖️ Find the cost of adding a new dependency to your project
Luna ⭐819
Manage npm dependencies through a modern UI.
Awesome Mad Science ⭐809
Delightful npm packages that make you say "wow, didn't know that was possible!"
Smartphoto ⭐800
The most easy to use responsive image viewer especially for mobile devices
Shrinkpack ⭐780
Fast, resilient, reproducible builds with npm install.
Telebot ⭐775
The easy way to write Telegram bots in Node.js
Eyeglass ⭐711
NPM Modules for Sass
Ntl ⭐679
Node Task List: Interactive cli to list and run package.json scripts
Simplestatemanager ⭐639
A responsive state manager which allows you to run different javascript at different browser widths
Oji ⭐631
(◕‿◕) Text Emoticons Maker
Better Npm Run ⭐620
🏃‍♂️ Better NPM scripts runner
Articles Translator ⭐592
📚Translate the distinct technical blogs. Please star or watch. Welcome to join me.
Ram ⭐583
⚛️ React Application Manager: create and run React (and other) applications – no command line or build setup required
Lass ⭐570
👧 Lass scaffolds a modern package boilerplate for Node.js
Inlineattachment ⭐564
Easily paste and upload files/images in plain textareas
Kotlin Frontend Plugin ⭐562
Gradle Kotlin ( plugin for frontend development
Eslint Plugin Node ⭐557
Additional ESLint's rules for Node.js
Next Update ⭐551
Tests if module's dependencies can be updated to latest version
Use React Router ⭐542
React Hook for pub-sub behavior using React Router.
New Bee ⭐528
开源社区 vue + springBoot - 前后分离微服务的最佳实践
Create React Library ⭐515
React NPM library starter kit based on Facebook's create react app
Bower Material ⭐506
This repository is used for publishing the AngularJS Material v1.x library
Eslint Plugin React Native ⭐502
React Native plugin for ESLint
Awesome Npm Scripts ⭐496
Everything awesome related to npm scripts and using npm as a build tool.
Cli ⭐457
The command line vault (Windows, macOS, & Linux).
Vue Admin Webapp ⭐449
this is a admin project
Npm Gui ⭐430
Graphic tool for managing javascript project dependencies - in a friendly way.
Request Ip ⭐406
A Node.js module for retrieving a request's IP address on the server.
Is Vegan ⭐399
Is-Vegan helps you to find out which food ingredients are vegan / non-vegan
Phaser Ce Npm Webpack Typescript Starter Project ⭐396
Project to get you started with your Phaser-CE (using the npm module) game using Typescript and Webpack for building! No hassle asset management, Google Web Font loader, live server, development vs distribution build pipeline, Electron packaging for desktop builds, and more...
Fetch Suspense ⭐393
A React hook compatible with React 16.6's Suspense component.
Lein_template_descjop ⭐381
A Leiningen template(Clojure/ClojureScript Project) for Web based desktop application with Electron (atom-shell).
Synp ⭐370
Convert yarn.lock to package-lock.json and vice versa
Phin ⭐354
⚡ Lightweight Node HTTP client
Angular Auth Oidc Client ⭐354
npm package for OpenID Connect Code Flow with PKCE, Implicit Flow
Website ⭐345
Yarn package manager website
Npminstall ⭐341
Make `npm install` fast and easy.
Hashmap ⭐340
HashMap JavaScript class for Node.js and the browser. The keys can be anything and won't be stringified
Npm Gif ⭐334
Replace NPM install's progress bar with a GIF!
Codebox Npm ⭐326
Serverless private npm registry using
Centurion ⭐325
Centurion is a web-based framework for rapid prototyping and building larger web projects.
Smartbanner.js ⭐322
Customisable smart app banners for iOS and Android
Bootstrap Iconpicker ⭐321
A simple icon picker
Npm Trends ⭐321
NPM package comparison
Nba.js ⭐321
A Node.js library for current and historical NBA stats, scores, and data.
Salus ⭐321
Security scanner coordinator
Stmux ⭐318
Simple Terminal Multiplexer for Node.js Environments
Cpx ⭐316
A cli tool to watch and copy file globs.
Typescript Webpack Starter ⭐305
⚡ create-ts-lib: A Starter Kit and a CLI to create your TypeScript / ES6 module bundled by Webpack without thinking about build or unit tests configurations. 🏠
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