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My Mac Os 15,981
List of applications and tools that make my macOS experience even more amazing
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Nixpkgs 4,718
Nix Packages collection
Nix 3,015
Nix, the purely functional package manager
Miso 1,530
🍜 A tasty Haskell front-end framework
Home Manager 990
Manage a user environment using Nix
Haskell Nix 730
Nix and Haskell in production
Nixery 703
Container registry which transparently builds images using the Nix package manager
Deckdeckgo 687
The web open source editor for presentations
Simple Twitter 658
A bare-bones Twitter clone implemented in a single file
Nixops 592
NixOps, the NixOS-based cloud deployment tool
Fractalide 586
Reusable Reproducible Composable Software
Reflex Platform 540
Reflex FRP is a composable, cross-platform functional reactive programming framework for Haskell. It allows you to build interactive components in pure functional style, working in harmony with established Haskell techniques and improving the quality and elegance of your applications.
Dotfiles 488
Zsh, Karabiner, VS Code, Sublime, Neovim, Nix
Hnix 466
A Haskell re-implementation of the Nix expression language
Nix Darwin 426
nix modules for darwin
Kubernix 392
Single dependency Kubernetes clusters for local testing, experimenting and development
Niv 338
Easy dependency management for Nix projects
Dappsys 290
Composable building blocks for Ethereum contracts
Example Nix 290
a way to develop software with Nix
Snack 284
Nix-based incremental build tool for Haskell projects
Nix Docker 271
Provision Docker images using Nix
Static Haskell Nix 239
easily build most Haskell programs into fully static Linux executables
Nixos Hardware 236
A collection of NixOS modules covering hardware quirks.
Cachix 235
Command line client for Nix binary cache hosting:
Nix Config 216
My local Nix configuration
Nox 214
Tools to make nix nicer to use
Awesome Nix 211
😎 A curated list of the best resources in the Nix community [[email protected]]
Nix Bundle 210
Bundle Nix derivations to run anywhere!
Nixpkgs Mozilla 199
mozilla related nixpkgs (extends nixos/nixpkgs repo)
Not Os 195
An operating system generator, based on NixOS, that, given a config, outputs a small (47 MB), read-only squashfs for a runit-based operating system, with support for iPXE and signed boot.
Dapptools 195
Dapp, Seth, Hevm, and more
Cabal2nix 187
Generate Nix build instructions from a Cabal file
Node2nix 186
Generate Nix expressions to build NPM packages
Mobile Nixos 185
Questions? #nixos-aarch64 (or #nixos) on Freenode!
Nixos Generators 177
Collection of image builders [[email protected]]
Legacy Old Hercules 176
Nixos Mailserver 173
A complete and Simple Nixos Mailserver
Morph 170
NixOS deployment tool
Kubenix 166
Kubernetes resource builder using nix
Nix 1p 163
A (more or less) one page introduction to Nix, the language.
Pypi2nix 160
Generate Nix expressions for Python packages [[email protected]]
All Hies 158
Cached Haskell IDE Engine Nix builds for all GHC versions
Nixbox 153
NixOS Vagrant boxes [[email protected]]
Haskell.nix 153
Alternative Haskell Infrastructure for Nixpkgs
Arion 147
Run docker-compose with help from Nix/NixOS
Nixpkgs Channels 141
A read-only mirror of NixOS/nixpkgs tracking the released channels. Send issues and PRs to
Nix Docker 141
Docker images for the Nix package manager
Nixfmt 136
A formatter for Nix code
Jupyterwith 134
declarative and reproducible Jupyter environments - powered by Nix
Nix Files 130
My NixOS configuration and custom Nix derivations.
Xidlehook 127
Hie Nix 120
Nix packages for Haskell IDE Engine
Micro Ci 119
A tiny CI server built around GitHub and Nix
Vulnix 118
Vulnerability (CVE) scanner for Nix/NixOS.
Nix Shorts 118
A collection of short notes about Nix, down to what is immediately needed for users.
Musnix 117
Real-time audio in NixOS
Nixos Weekly 110
NixOS Weekly Newsletter
Mbp Nixos 109
Instructions and scripts related to getting NixOS running on a newer generation MBP
Iohk Ops 109
NixOps deployment configuration for IOHK devops
Appvm 109
Nix-based app VMs
Dotfiles 107
Configuration files for XMonad, Emacs, NixOS, Taffybar and more.
Nix Home 107
Utilities for working with user configurations in Nix.
Wasm Cross 107
Nix expressions for cross compiling to WebAssembly
Nix Index 102
Quickly locate nix packages with specific files
Nixpkgs Fmt 102
Nix code formatter for nixpkgs [[email protected]]
Nix Deploy 101
Deploy software or an entire NixOS system configuration to another NixOS system
Powerline Rs 98
Vim Nix 94
Vim configuration files for Nix
Nix Emacs Ci 94
Emacs installations for continuous integration
Upcast 93
Nix Mode 92
An Emacs major mode for editing Nix expressions.
Stack2nix 92
Generate nix expressions for Haskell projects
Nixos Config 91
My NixOS configuration files
Nixpkgs Wayland 88
Automated, pre-built packages for Wayland (sway/wlroots) tools for NixOS.
Nix Haskell Monorepo 87
Pragmatic tutorial on how to use nix with a haskell monorepo
Hydra Tutorial 84
Sample configuration files for setting up your own Hydra continuous integration server.
Docker 81
Dockerfiles to package Nix in a minimal docker container
Ds Token 80
A simple and sufficient ERC20 implementation
Yarn2nix 80
Generate nix expressions from a yarn.lock file
Dhall Nix 79
This repository has moved to
Naersk 75
Build rust crates in Nix. No configuration, no code generation. IFD and sandbox friendly.
Vuizvui 70
Nix(OS) expressions used by the OpenLab and its members
Ds Math 69
Safe arithmetic
Homies 69
linux package management
Nixos Shell 68
Spawns lightweight nixos vms in a shell
Nix Bitcoin 68
Nix packages and nixos modules for Bitcoin nodes with higher layer protocols with an emphasis on security.
Nixcloud Webservices 65
This nixpkgs extension, called nixcloud-webservices, focuses on ease of deployment of web-related technologies.
Rien 65
Predictable Haskell development environments with Cabal and Nix.
Nixwrt 65
Build images for embedded MIPS SoCs using NixPkgs (experimental)
Crate2nix 65
nix build file generator for rust crates
Nix Linter 64
Linter for the Nix expression language
System 63
My system configuration
Bauer 63
An Emacs+Nix IDE
Styx 60
Static site generator in Nix expression language.
Nixgl 58
A wrapper tool for nix OpenGL application
Setup.nix 57
Nixpkgs based build tools for declarative Python packages [[email protected]]
Nixos Configurations 56
Microgram 54
Rules_nixpkgs 54
Rules for importing Nixpkgs packages into Bazel.
Nix Gitignore 52
A nix expression that filters source based on a .gitignore file.
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