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The Top 19 Mutation Testing Open Source Projects

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Mutant 1,600
Mutation testing for Ruby - Semantic code coverage
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Stryker 1,305
Mutation testing for JavaScript and friends
Humbug 1,161
Humbug is a Mutation Testing framework for PHP to measure the real effectiveness of your test suites and assist in their improvement. It eats Code Coverage for breakfast.
Infection 1,132
AST based PHP Mutation Testing Framework
Pitest 972
State of the art mutation testing system for the JVM
Mull 435
LLVM-based mutation testing for C and C++
Cosmic Ray 402
Mutation testing for Python
Mutagen 345
Breaking your Rust code for fun and profit
Stryker Net 332
Mutation testing for .NET core and .NET framework!
Mutmut 287
Mutation testing system
Muter 226
🔎 Automated mutation testing for Swift 🕳️
Mutpy 182
MutPy is a mutation testing tool for Python 3.x source code
Awesome Mutation Testing 124
Mutation testing resources: how to make better code by introducing bugs
Gradle Pitest Plugin 116
Gradle plugin for PIT Mutation Testing
Stryker4s 87
Mutation testing for Scala. Work in progress...
Mutate_cpp 77
C++ Mutation Test Environment
Mutest 70
fork of mutant with inline disable comments and a few different mutations.
Fettle 63
An experimental mutation testing tool for C# code 🐛🔍
Prapr 50
Practical Program Repair via Bytecode Mutation
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