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Ggez 2,094
Rust library to create a Good Game Easily
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Syntect 694
Rust library for syntax highlighting using Sublime Text syntax definitions.
Ritual 551
Use C++ libraries from Rust
Colored 490
(Rust) Coloring terminal so simple you already know how to do it !
Prettytable Rs 412
A rust library to print aligned and formatted tables
Bracket Lib 341
The Roguelike Toolkit (RLTK), implemented for Rust.
Cargo Deny 290
❌ Cargo plugin for linting your dependencies 🦀
Staticvec 198
Implements a fixed-capacity stack-allocated Vec alternative backed by an array, using const generics.
Honggfuzz Rs 167
Fuzz your Rust code with Google-developed Honggfuzz !
Rust Unic 158
UNIC: Unicode and Internationalization Crates for Rust
Semantic Rs 148
🚀 Automatic crate publishing done right
Cedar 141
Rust framework for building visual/interactive applications
Ammonia 136
Repair and secure untrusted HTML
Multipart 134
A backend-agnostic extension for file uploads in HTTP libraries for Rust
Anterofit 123
Strongly typed, asynchronous REST client framework for Rust.
Alexandrie 122
An alternative crate registry, implemented in Rust.
Coap Rs 101
A Constrained Application Protocol(CoAP) library implemented in Rust.
Pleco 99
A Rust-based re-write of the Stockfish Chess Engine
Bnf 89
Parse BNF grammar definitions
Cli 86
Interact with from the command-line
Naersk 75
Build rust crates in Nix. No configuration, no code generation. IFD and sandbox friendly.
Accord 67
Data validation library for Rust
Meuse 63
A private Cargo crate registry, for Rust
Half Rs 51
Half-precision floating point types f16 and bf16 for Rust.
Rust Skiplist 26
Skiplist implementation in rust
Rust Multibase 16
Multibase in rust
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