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The Top 22 Checker Open Source Projects

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Neomake 2,254
Asynchronous linting and make framework for Neovim/Vim
Awesome Checker Services 589
✅ List of links to the various checkers out there on the web for sites, domains, security etc.
Phpmnd 328
PHP Magic Number Detector
Eclint 255
Validate or fix code that doesn't adhere to EditorConfig settings or infer settings from existing code.
Rascal 242
The implementation of the Rascal meta-programming language (including interpreter, type checker, parser generator, compiler and JVM based run-time system)
Ms17 010 Python 242
MS17-010: Python and Meterpreter
Npmvet 189
A simple CLI tool for vetting npm package versions
Querly 183
Query Method Calls from Ruby Programs
Grunt Html 161
Grunt plugin for html validation
Forbidden Apis 161
Policeman's Forbidden API Checker
Leaked 151
Leaked? 2.1 - A Checking tool for Hash codes, Passwords and Emails leaked
Nspell 144
📝 Hunspell compatible spell-checker
Update Check 113
Minimalistic update notifications for command line interfaces
Servermonitor 99
💓 Laravel package to periodically monitor the health of your server and application.
Minestat 97
📈 A Minecraft server status checker
Unfx Proxy Checker 83
Unfx Proxy Checker - Powerful proxy checker with huge features and beautiful design. Easy sorting and filtering by all parameters.
Constantine 76
A plugin for Clang compiler
Atlantr 76
Fastes Email:Pass Checker on the planet.
Omrchecker 72
Grade exams fast and accurately using a scanner 🖨 or your phone 🤳.
Ssl Checker 33
A tiny NodeJS module to check SSL expiry
Types Checker 15
Check missing type definition modules for your Typescript project
A11yc 12
Check accessibility of target page and generate accessibility evaluate page and policy.
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