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The Top 26 Ceph Open Source Projects

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Rook ⭐6,524
Storage Orchestration for Kubernetes
Ceph Ansible ⭐1,076
Ansible playbooks to deploy Ceph, the distributed filesystem.
Crowbar ⭐760
Cloud Operations Platform
Rome ⭐545
Carthage cache for S3, Minio, Ceph, Google Storare, Artifactory and many others
Bareos ⭐530
Main repository with the code for the libraries and daemons
Opensds ⭐412
Hotpot: OpenSDS Controller Project
Experiments ⭐399
Personal code, scripts and config files for experiments
Ceph Dash ⭐386
Flask based api / dashboard for viewing a ceph clusters overall health status
Ceph Csi ⭐285
CSI driver for ceph
Go Ceph ⭐276
Go bindings for Ceph 🐙 🐙 🐙
Kube Ansible ⭐272
Build a Kubernetes cluster via Ansible playbook. 🔧 🔧 🔧
Volplugin ⭐216
**EXPERIMENTAL** Contiv Storage: Policy backed Clustered Storage (via Ceph or NFS) for Docker
K8s Tew ⭐216
Kubernetes - The Easier Way
Inkscope ⭐196
inkScope is a ceph visualization and admin interface
Chef Bcpc ⭐193
Bloomberg Clustered Private Cloud distribution
Kurl ⭐172
Production-grade, airgapped Kubernetes installer combining upstream k8s with overlays and popular components
Operos ⭐144
Linux-based operating system that brings hyperscaler-grade infrastructure automation to organizations of all sizes
K8s1.13 ⭐139
Cn ⭐137
Ceph Nano - One step S3 in container with Ceph.
Pifpaf ⭐135
Python fixtures and daemon managing tools for functional testing
Deepsea ⭐123
A collection of Salt files for deploying, managing and automating Ceph.
Ytdlrc ⭐102
☁️ Downloads videos and metadata with youtube-dl and moves each file on completion to an rclone remote
Zlog ⭐97
A high-performance distributed shared-log for Ceph
Akubra ⭐72
Simple solution to keep a independent S3 storages in sync
Radosgw Admin4j ⭐37
A Ceph Object Storage Admin SDK / Client Library for Java ✨🍰✨
Learning Ceph ⭐34
Tidy up Ceph tutorials.
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