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The Top 34 Cargo Open Source Projects

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Juniper ⭐2,015
GraphQL server library for Rust
Cargo Edit ⭐975
A utility for managing cargo dependencies from the command line.
Cross ⭐957
β€œZero setup” cross compilation and β€œcross testing” of Rust crates
Cargo Watch ⭐854
πŸ”­πŸš’ Watches over your Cargo project's source.
Xargo ⭐659
The sysroot manager that lets you build and customize `std`
Tarpaulin ⭐656
A code coverage tool for Rust projects
Rust Python Example ⭐534
Example of using Rust to Extend Python
Rustfix ⭐470
Automatically apply the suggestions made by rustc
Cargo Expand ⭐466
Subcommand to show result of macro expansion
Cargo Fuzz ⭐462
Command line helpers for fuzzing
Cargo Make ⭐452
Rust task runner and build tool.
Cargo Audit ⭐433
Audit Cargo.lock files for crates with security vulnerabilities
Tokamak ⭐401
Fusion Reactor for Rust - Atom Rust IDE
Cargo Release ⭐373
Cargo subcommand "release": everything about releasing a rust crate.
Wargo ⭐258
Easy Rust to WebAssembly
Cargo Profiler ⭐254
Cargo subcommand to profile binaries
Gradle Cargo Plugin ⭐233
Gradle plugin that provides deployment capabilities to local and remote containers via Cargo
Cargo ⭐201
πŸš‚πŸš‹πŸš‹ A browser with almost no UI.
Cargo Lipo ⭐182
Cargo subcommand to automatically create universal libraries for iOS.
Cargo Deny ⭐173
❌ Cargo plugin to help you manage large dependency graphs πŸ¦€
Cargo Instruments ⭐157
A cargo plugin to generate Xcode Instruments trace files
Jql ⭐148
A JSON Query Language CLI tool ⭐147
The official website for the New Rustacean podcast
Semantic Rs ⭐144
πŸš€ Automatic crate publishing done right
Dinghy ⭐144
Easier cross-compilation for phones and single boards computers
Cargo Play ⭐127
A local Rust playground
Kernel Roulette ⭐116
A kernel module written in Rust
Thermite ⭐110
A Rake-based helper for building and distributing Rust-based Ruby extensions
Alexandrie ⭐101
An alternative crate registry, implemented in Rust.
Cargo Deps ⭐97
Cargo subcommand for building dependency graphs of Rust projects
Rust Python Ext ⭐70
Distutils helpers for rust Python extensions
Cargo Contribute ⭐50
Cargo subcommand for contributing to your dependencies
Vim Crates ⭐33
Handle Cargo dependencies like a Rustavimean.
Small Deployer ⭐31
Git Webhook client, in rust.
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