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T Mvp 2,727
Android AOP Architecture by Apt, AspectJ, Javassisit, based on Realm+Databinding+MVP+Retrofit+Rxjava2
K8tools 2,270
K8工具合集(内网渗透/提权工具/远程溢出/漏洞利用/扫描工具/密码破解/免杀工具/Exploit/APT/0day/Shellcode/Payload/priviledge/BypassUAC/OverFlow/WebShell/PenTest) Web GetShell Exploit(Struts2/Zimbra/Weblogic/Tomcat/Apache/Jboss/DotNetNuke/zabbix)
Aptly 1,782
aptly - Debian repository management tool
Apt_cybercriminal_campagin_collections 1,502
APT & CyberCriminal Campaign Collection
S Mvp 1,076
🔥🔥优化版MVP,使用注解泛型简化代码编写,使用模块化协议方便维护,APT过程使用注解解析器利用JavaPoet🌝完成重复模块的编写,利用ASpect+GradlePlugin 完成横向AOP编程+Javassist动态字节码注入+Tinker实现热修复+Retrofit实现优雅网络操作+RxJava轻松玩转数据处理
Data 881
APTnotes data
Jackdaw 299
Java Annotation Processor which allows to simplify development
Androidlife 283
📔 CaMnter's android learning life and footprint.
Resetter 254
The easiest way to reset your debian or ubuntu based linux back to stock
Aptsources Cleanup 201
Detects and interactively deactivates duplicate Apt source entries and deletes sources list files without valid enabled source entries (as requested in
Apt 197
Development repository for apt Chef Cookbook
Mason 192
Cross platform package manager for C/C++ apps
Att Ck Cn 179
Xmodulable 137
Nexus Repository Apt 111
A Nexus Repository 3 plugin that allows usage of apt repositories
Vulrec 103
Vulnerability Recurrence:漏洞复现记录
Fzf Scripts 98
a collection of scripts that rely on
Apt Smart 90
apt-smart: Smart, automated, robust apt-get mirror selection for Debian, Ubuntu and Linux Mint
Apt 77
APT || Execution || Launch || APTs || ( Authors harr0ey, bohops )
Apt Offline 75
Offline APT Package Manager
Aptutil 71
Go utilities for Debian APT repositories
Python Apt 53
This is a Python library interface to libapt, which allows you to query and manipulat APT package repository information using the Python programming language.
Molior 40
Molior - Debian Build System
Module Service Manager 38
Rx.observe 34
Transform any method to an Rx Observable ! (VIPER)
Easymessenger 25
Ruby Apt Pkg 16
Ruby interface to apt-pkg
Recipes 13
🍰 The main recipes repository for UNI. You can create your own or use one of the available recipes in here.
Ts3server Package 5
A script that generates a debian package for a TeamSpeak 3 Server
Switch Apt Mirror.ansible.role 5
switch apt mirror for Debian & Ubuntu with Ansible role.
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