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IDA plugin CMake build-script

This repository holds CMake build scripts and a Python helper allowing compilation of C++ IDA plugins for Windows, macOS and Linux without much user effort.

Simple plugin example usage:

Create plugin repo
git init myplugin
cd myplugin
git submodule add ida-cmake
mkdir src
touch src/myplugin.cpp CMakeLists.txt
cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.1)


set(sources "src/myplugin.cpp")
add_ida_plugin(${CMAKE_PROJECT_NAME} ${sources})
#include <ida.hpp>
#include <idp.hpp>
#include <loader.hpp>

 * @brief   Initialization callback for IDA.
 * @return  A @c PLUGIN_ constant from loader.hpp.
int idaapi init()
    msg("%s", "Hello, IDA plugin world!\n");
    return PLUGIN_KEEP;

 * @brief   Run callback for IDA.
void idaapi run(int /*arg*/) {}

 * @brief   Shutdown callback for IDA.
void idaapi term() {}

plugin_t PLUGIN =
    "My plugin name",
    "My plugin description",
    "My plugin menu entry text",
    nullptr, // plugin hotkey, e.g. "Ctrl-Shift-A"
Building and installing the plugin for IDA 6.95 on macOS
ida-cmake/ -i <ida-sdk-path> -t 6.95 \
    --idaq-path '/Applications/IDA Pro'

Substitute <ida-sdks-path> with a directory of the IDA SDK corresponding to your IDA version.

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