Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source

Useful Resources for Developers

A list of student-collated resources deemed to be useful for every developer and categorised. Andrei has a hand-picked list of his favourite resources which you can find here.

Table of Contents

  • API: A list of resources for learning how to use APIs.

  • Algorithms & Data Structures: Resources for tackling algorithms.

  • Angular Resources: A list of resources for learning Angular.

  • Arduino: A list of resources for the Arduino micro-controller.

  • Articles: General articles page on web development.

  • CSS Resources: A list of resources for learning CSS.

  • Cheat Sheets: For those looking for the quick-and-dirty of how to do things, or if you simply forgot something, look no further!

  • Cloud: Cloud Learning Resources to kickstart your career.

  • Game Development Resources: A page which lists out the resources which helps you go from zero to mastery in game development.

  • General Resources for Learning Web Development: A page with mostly free resources for learning web development and coding in general.

  • Git and Github: Resources page on using Git and GitHub.

  • Interviewing for Coding Jobs: A page of resources about preparing for the job market.

  • JavaScript Resources: A list of resources for learning JavaScript.

  • MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses): Showcasing effective online courses that covers areas such as Full-Stack development, Front-End development, Computer Science, or even a little of everything!

  • Mobile App Development: A curated list of useful resources for mobile app development (for Android, iOS, Windows, or any other mobile system

  • Podcasts: A range of podcasts covering topics like coding, design, accessibility, JavaScript, and Mindset/Self-Development.

  • Practice Resources: A list of exercises and gamified resources for web development.

  • Programming Books: Featuring a list of insightful programming books, both free and paid versions.

  • Python Resources: A list of resources for learning Python.

  • Raspberry Pi: Resources for the Raspberry Pi.

  • Search Engine Optimization: A list of resources for learning Search Engine Optimization(SEO).

  • Unix: Resources for Unix systems (Linux, MacOS, etc.).

  • Web Design Resources: A page of resources for web design.

  • Web Development Tools: A page listing a number of free web development tools.

  • YouTube Channels: A list of YouTube channels for learning all about programming, covering topics as broad as web development, design, history, hacking, and Computer Science (CS).


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