Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source


o2 - it's an open-source technology for easy making 2D games and applications for mobile and PC platforms using C++ and Lua with very flexible editor. The main features are performance, usability and effective development.

Here is the test project:

Now work in progress.

Getting started


  • Assets
    Automatic assets building and converting, automatic atlases packing, easy to add to project, flixible configuration.

  • Scenes
    Component-objects based scene graph, nested prototypes and good integration with editor

  • UI
    Fast and flexible UI system, a lot of default widgets, styles, integration with scenes

  • Render
    Easy to learn rendering system with meshes, fonts, sprites, culling, shaders and render targets.

  • Sound
    Playing sounds, music, streaming sounds, audio mixer

  • Animations
    Animate everything, retargeting, easy to serialize, layers, weights, IK, animation state machine, mesh skinning, editor integradion

  • Effects
    Particle emitters with different forms, particle effects, editor integration

  • Physics
    Rigid bodies, colliders, joints, effects

  • Input
    Multiplatform input processing, easy clicks and touches processing

  • Platforms
    IOS, Android, Windows, MAC OSX, Webassembly

  • Editor
    Flexible editor "all-in-one", plugins

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