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Remote debugging for MobX with Redux DevTools extension (and remotedev coming soon)



1. Get the extension

1.1 For Chrome
1.2 For Firefox
1.3 For Electron
1.4 For other browsers, for React Native, hybrid, desktop and server side apps
  • Use or if you have the extension select Remote DevTools from the context menu. Just specify remote parameter, and optionally hostname and port. See the API for details.

2. Install the library

npm install --save mobx-remotedev


import remotedev from 'mobx-remotedev';
// or import remotedev from 'mobx-remotedev/lib/dev'
// in case you want to use it in production or don't have process.env.NODE_ENV === 'development'

const appStore = observable({
  // ...

// Or
class appStore {
  // ...

export default remotedev(appStore);

Or as ES decorator:

import remotedev from 'mobx-remotedev';

@remotedev(/*{ config }*/)
export default class appStore {
  // ...

See counter, simple-todo and todomvc examples.


remotedev(store, [config])

  • arguments
    • store observable or class to be monitored. In case you want to change its values (to time travel or cancel actions), you should export its result as in the example above (so we can extend the class).
    • config object (optional as the parameters bellow)
      • name string - the instance name to be showed on the monitor page. Default value is document.title.
      • onlyActions boolean - set it to true to have a clear log only with actions. If MobX is in strict mode, it is true by default. Don't forget about async actions.
      • global boolean - set it to true in order to assign dispatching of all unhandled actions to this store. Useful for nested classes / observables or when having async actions without specifying the scope explicitly.
      • filters object - map of arrays named whitelist or blacklist to filter action types. You can also set it globally in the extension settings.
        • blacklist array of (regex as string) - actions to be hidden in DevTools.
        • whitelist array of (regex as string) - all other actions will be hidden in DevTools (the blacklist parameter will be ignored).
      • remote boolean - set it to true to have remote monitoring via the local or server. remote: false is used for the extension or react-native-debugger
      • hostname string - use to specify host for remotedev-server. If port is specified, default value is localhost.
      • port number - use to specify host's port for remotedev-server.

Also see the extension API and my presentation at React Europe.

Exclude / include DevTools in production builds

By default use

import remotedev from 'mobx-remotedev';

It will work only when process.env.NODE_ENV === 'development', otherwise the code will be stripped.

In case you want to use it in production or cannot set process.env.NODE_ENV, use

import remotedev from 'mobx-remotedev/lib/dev';

So, the code will not be stripped from production bundle and you can use the extension even in production. It wouldn't affect the performance for end-users who don't have the extension installed.


How to monitor (show changes) for inner items

Use remotedev function for them as well. Example

How to set data correctly when time traveling

By default it will try to set the properties of the class or observable object, but, if you have an importState method, it will be used. Example

How to disable computations when time traveling

Check __isRemotedevAction of your class or observable object, which will be set to true when it's a monitor action. Example

How to handle async actions

Use runInAction and don't forget about the second / third parameter which will be this if you're using arrow functions. If you don't want to specify it, set the global parameter to true. Example

How to show actions for nested classes / observables

Just set the global parameter to true like remotedev(store, { global: true }). If you want more details about the nested tree, see #5.



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