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Zalando AMI generation tooling

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While we do not consider Taupage to have reached its end of life, we are currently not planning to add new features or extend its functionalities. We will consider any pull request, but we do not plan to directly work on enhancements.


You need to have jq and AWS CLI preinstalled.

Build a new AMI

You need to be logged in (mai login). (As a configuration example, you can find the file in the code base. You should modify it to suit it to your needs.)

$ ./ ./ <version>

This will spin up a new server, configure it, create an AMI from it, terminate the server and share the AMI. If you want to debug the server after setup, you can add a --dry-run flag: AMI generation, terminating and sharing will be skipped.

$ ./ --dry-run ./

See the STUPS documentation for more information.

Directory structure

  • /build/ (scripts and files for the initial setup)
    • setup.d/ (all setup scripts that get executed on the server)
  • /runtime/ (everything, that has to be present during runtime)
  • /tests/ (contains various tests, such as python, serverspec and shell script tests)

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