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Awesome Open Source

Ytk-learn is a distributed machine learning library which implements most of popular machine learning algorithms. It runs on single, multiple machines and major distributed environments(hadoop, spark),and supports major operating systems(Linux, Windows, Mac OS),the communication of distributed environments is implemented based on ytk-mp4j which is pure java, mpi-like message passing interface.


  • Supports most of operating systems: Linux, Mac OS, Windows
  • Supports various platforms: single machine, common cluster, hadoop, spark
  • Supports local file system and hdfs file system
  • Provides uniform file system interface and can be applied to other file systems easily.
  • Provides user friendly codes for online prediction.
  • Without complex installation, only needs Java SE Runtime Environment 8 installation.

For more details, refer to features



We compare our GBDT with XGBoost and LightGBM, see gbdt experiments for more details.

Environment Requirements

To run or develop ytk-learn,just install JRE 8 or JDK 8 and set JAVA_HOME.

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